Grant Stott

Grant Stott

Grant Stott: I knew Mickael would come back to haunt Hibs

AS I was taking part in yesterday's Glasgow to Edinburgh Pedal for Scotland event, I wasn't able to join the many Hibs fans who made the trip to Hamilton to watch the latest instalment in this season's campaign.

Grant Stott: Embarrassment of riches epitomised by Riordan

SO, on Saturday it was outing No.2 for Hibs this season and a return for Yogi to the Falkirk Stadium.

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Grant Stott: Benji, Yogi & Co lay on great opener for season

THERE was lots for the fans to talk about after the final whistle blew on Saturday and not just debates on how long has it been since Hibs last won their season opener or how much Kevin McBride looks like Brian Hamilton (thankfully he doesn't play like him!).

Grant Stott on following in his grandfather's footsteps on the buses

WHEN Lothian Buses first approached me to become the face of Ridacard, there was only one thought in my head – if only my Grandad was still alive to have seen this.

Grant Stott: Changes for the better fill me with excitement

SINCE I last scribbled some words, there have been quite a number of changes down Easter Road way and signs are they're mostly for the better.

Grant Stott: Hibs' report card will read 'not good enough'

Is finishing sixth with no real cup run a decent report card for a team like Hibs?

Grant Stott: Easter Road proves a graveyard for Old Firm

IT'S not often that both sides of the Old Firm come knocking at your door in the space of five days desperately needing a win and it's not often Hibs will have the audacity to deny them both all three points, but that's exactly what's just happened. And it has been brilliant.

Grant Stott: Sweet derby win kicks off a fine long weekend

WELL, I don't know about you, but I've just had an absolutely fantastic weekend.

Grant Stott: United spoil the fun but youngsters hit limelight

WELL as it turned out on Saturday, Easter Road was not just about the three SPL points that were at stake as the Under-19s were all present and correct to receive their well deserved plaudits after their league and Cup double in the Youth set up. And perhaps it's just as well they were, because the first team squad sadly didn't give the fans much to smile about.

Grant Stott: Wee Rankin deserves a Big Mac for Hibs' wonder goal

YA DANCER! Two words that pretty much summed up my reaction after yesterday's result.

Wee Russell's big day brings back good Hibs memories

IT may well have been St Andrew's Day yesterday when all things Scottish were celebrated across the land, but the day before in Falkirk it was Russell Latapy Day.

Riordan's penalty claim marked turning point

TO be honest, when I walked away from Easter Road yesterday evening, I didn't really know how to feel. Disappointed to have not converted any of the many chances we created to finish off the game? Relieved that Hearts failed to convert probably just as many? Or satisfied with a point in a game that could have just as easily seen us take none – or then again, all three.

Predictive text with the derby score? "GIRUY"

WELL, it's only six sleeps to go until D-Day in the Capital. No matter how many derbies you go through, no matter how many wins, losses or draws due to Polish goalkeeping errors, it never loses it edge. It never loses its importance.

Ma-Ka and Deeks made the world of difference to Hibs

NO doubt about it, as Hibs headed up to Pittodrie on Saturday to face an Aberdeen side that was under a fair dod of pressure, it was going to take a performance much improved from last weekend if we were to bring anything back home.

In touch with the Hibs action thanks to the joy of text

WHEN it comes to making weekend arrangements, I don't think I'm the only one who immediately checks to see if Hibs are at home or not. This has, in the past, dictated as to whether or not we go away that weekend or visit someone. Again, I don't think I'm alone!

Reasons to be cheerful numbers 01, 2, 3 and 4

IT was the late, great Ian Dury who coined the phrase Reasons to Be Cheerful – Part 3, which could have applied directly to events at Easter Road on Saturday.

Hibs on the up thanks to Nish's shooting boots

SO here we are three games into the new season and we've had one win, one loss and a draw. Now, given our pre-season outings, I don't think there are many Hibbies out there who wouldn't have taken that before the season kicked off, but looking back on all three games Hibs played, four points is the very least they should be on.

Hibs made their point, but luck deserted us

YESTERDAY, a very tasty match against Rangers was in prospect with third spot very much back on the cards and with Motherwell and Dundee United both failing to pick up any points the day before, this was a chance to gain a bit of ground on the other two sides.

The amazing imploding Hibs leave me stunned

SO with that draw at Fir Park not long finished, as 3pm approached on Saturday my ever optimistic Hibbiness looked to the impending match at Pitoddrie as a crucial opportunity to make some serious headway in this running battle for third place.

Don't you just hate it when pundits are right?

THE build-up to yesterday's match at Tannadice made a lot of the fact that there isn't very much between the two sides at the moment. Three meetings, three draws and a dead heat in the league with just one goal of a difference before kick off, so it was very easy for all the pundits to say that it had a draw written all over it. Which of course it was.

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