Grant Stott

Grant Stott

Grant Stott: Easter Road won't be the same place again

What started as a beautiful sunny day on Saturday ended up being just a truly awful one for all Hibs fans.

Grant Stott: Long season seems set to drag on a little longer yet

OKAY, let's be honest here. That wasn't great, was it? I could sit here and moan about how inadequate the referee was and how Mr Muir's first half performance at Easter Road yesterday was one of the worst I've seen in a long time.

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Grant Stott: Feast of football topped off by Hibs' holiday special

Well, I don't know about you, but this weekend has certainly provided me with my fill of football with Scottish Cup semi-finals, FA Cup semis and Premiership clashes pretty much taking up the TV scheduling!

Grant Stott: Finishing in bottom six may be a blessing in disguise

Feast or famine is how Colin Calderwood put it recently and I don't think he was far wrong. No games for donkeys and then three within the space of six days, with a full spectrum of results in the process. We managed to win, lose and draw.

Grant Stott: How do I sum that one up? A draw that felt like a defeat

Well? How do you sum that up? It was a sore one yesterday, not as painful as it might easily have been, but it was a sore one all the same. It finished 2-2 but I reckon Hibs fans walked away from Easter Road feeling like it was a defeat.

Grant Stott: Unbeaten run means plenty of cheer at Sunnyside event

All quiet on the Hibs front just now with the Scottish Cup having taken place this weekend and it looks like we're going to have to wait even longer with our mid-week game against Celtic getting delayed due to the postponement of their Cup tie against Inverness Caley yesterday.

Grant Stott: Remarkable run has made top six a distinct possibility

Five wins and a draw. There was a point not all that long ago when that particular stat looked like being a summary of Hibs' best results all season. But here we are sitting on a run which is nothing short of remarkable when you consider just how desperate things were a matter of weeks ago.

Grant Stott: Everything's looking rosier after young Booth's peach

Callum BOOTH. Take a bow, son. Take a bow.

Grant Stott: It wasn't pretty but battling win will do wonders for Hibs

It wasn't pretty but battling win will do wonders for Hibs

Grant Stott: New-look Hibs perform all over park to see off Killie

My tongue may be firmly in my cheek, but it was a tweet that I received that made me giggle (thanks Ryan), so I thought I'd share it. And to be fair, up until February, I had very little to smile about when it came to Hibs.

Grant Stott: New-look side finally gives Hibbies plenty to celebrate

Well, what a difference one game makes. And two goals. And some new players.

Grant Stott: Green shoots of recovery amongst withered hopes

Well, here we go again, another two games and another two defeats. But, in saying that, having finally managed to take in both games this week and - bizarre as this may sound - I think I can see a slight improvement. And that's mostly all down to the fresh blood in the side.

Grant Stott: Problem with Hibs proving a hard one for all to fathom

So, another disastrous couple of results, in another disastrous week in this disastrous season for Hibs. Where do I start? If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me or texted me the question, "big man, what's happening with yer team?" I'd have?.?.?. well, a few quid now.

Grant Stott: Relegation contenders is what we are, let's face it

Going into the Celtic game, you could hardly say I was confident of the outcome but the daft romantic in me opted to wage a tenner on Hibs to win 3-2 for my Cash for Kids charity bet from Ladbrokes. I know, I know, but sometimes you just can't help yourself when it comes to football can you?

Grant Stott: Well, at least I've still got Panto to look forward to

On Friday, I read that we were heading into was listed as being the "flattest weekend of the year". Not for me, as I had a night out on Friday planned, a packed weekend of panto at the Kings and Hibs were playing in the Scottish Cup. What could possibly go wrong?

Grant Stott: Derby defeat will herald a much-needed clear-out

First up, let me say a Happy New Year to you, whatever your footballing persuasion, and hope 2011 is a cracker for you.

Grant Stott: While Hibs may huff and puff, Byrne could blow rivals down

So, I trust you had a good Christmas? Sadly, the merriment sadly ceased half an hour into that Boxing Day bash at Easter Road yesterday, didn't it?

Grant Stott: A lack of action is making us feel left out in the cold

So, thanks to the weather, Hibs haven't kicked a ball in anger since that blimmin' awful 0-0 draw at Easter Road with St Johnstone. And to be honest, I'm in two minds as to whether it's been a good thing or not.

Grant Stott: A win is definitely top of the Christmas list now . .

As the weekends fixtures were dropping like the temperature gauge, questions were being asked as to whether the match at Rugby Park would go ahead.

Grant Stott: I had to apologise to panto producer for joke of a game

No question, all the talk going into Saturday's game was about the referee debacle. Would the game go ahead or not? Would we have a Portuguese ref or a Malteser? Just how embarrassing was it?

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