Grangemouth refinery strike

Grangemouth refinery strike

Unions hold strike ballot

TRADE unions are to ballot their members for strike action at several major power and petrochemical plants across the UK, including Grangemouth.

1500 energy workers in Scotland walk out over 'discrimination'

MORE than 1500 workers in Scotland were on strike today over the use of foreign workers on a multimillion-pound construction project.

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Suppliers rage as Ineos delays paying bills

Small firms fear Grangemouth owner's decision will push them to brink as terms are extended.

Grangemouth dispute was UK's costliest ever

THE shutdown of the Grangemouth oil refinery is estimated to have been the costliest industrial dispute in British history.

Alex Salmond blasts 'reckless' Lothian Buses

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond has accused Lothian Buses of behaving recklessly and making a "panicky announcement" over fuel shortages.

Refinery strike: Management and union ponder peace deal

HOPES of an end to the Grangemouth oil refinery dispute rose tonight after a proposal was drawn up to break a deadlocked row over pensions.

Oil giants Shell and BP record combined profits of £7 billion

OIL giants Royal Dutch Shell and BP made combined profits in excess of £7 billion during the first three months of this year, figures showed today.

Refinery strike: Workers jeer as oil firm boss arrives at Grangemouth

THE founder of Ineos was jeered by striking workers today as he visited the Grangemouth oil refinery on the second day of a bitter dispute over pensions.

Salmond 'to meet PM over fuel crisis'

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond was today preparing for a possible meeting with Gordon Brown to discuss the Grangemouth oil refinery strike.

Refinery strike: battle for hearts and minds

IN THE half-light of 6am, the silent, flag-bearing workers emerged from a place where dawn mist met industrial steam, their faces set like the steel of the refinery behind them.

Grangemouth deadlock demands hard work and compromise

THE situation at Grangemouth reminds us how easy it is for a perceived grievance to escalate into a full-blown dispute and how easy it is for that to become an unresolved conflict.

Both sides in strike row must take time to reflect

WITH the shutdown of the BP Forties pipeline threatening serious disruption to oil supplies throughout the UK, the Grangemouth dispute has escalated far beyond a local row about pension rights for a group of refinery workers. Emergency services and tens of thousands of businesses across Scotland and northern England are now vitally dependent on tanker supplies from the continent into Aberdeen and other east coast ports and those supplies being unloaded. As well as the Border Thistle tanker carry

Oil industry's own goal over claim of huge losses caused by refinery strike

Industrial action by Grangemouth refinery staff will cost the oil industry £50 million a day (your report, 25 April) and affect the national economy through loss in tax revenue.

Refinery strike starts to bite

WORKERS at the giant Grangemouth oil refinery are in the middle of their 48-hour strike.

Scotland over a barrel

THE Grangemouth oil crisis escalated dramatically last night after workers refused to unload a tanker carrying 120,000 tonnes of fuel destined for forecourts.

Lifeline tankers stop country grinding to a halt

SCOTLAND has been kept moving this weekend by a comprehensive plan to beat the fuel strike by refinery workers at Grangemouth.

Kenny Farquharson: Strike when the time is right

Unite leaders are in danger of souring the public's view of industrial action

Fuelling discontent

ANY doubts that today's strike at Grangemouth refinery could have serious consequences were surely swept away by the unlikely sound of the UK and Scottish Governments speaking as one on the issue, after a year of relentless mutual sniping. Perhaps because of the novelty of the double act, the signs are that most people are listening to the joint message of 'don't panic'.

Insight: What happens when we've used the last drop?

SIXTY years ago the Orkney poet Edwin Muir wrote some lines which, in the panic surrounding the Grangemouth strike, feel like a premonition. They point to a world not too far in the future where our reliance on oil has become all too clear, and the way we live our lives all too fragile.

Q&A: how did union standoff come to this?

Q: What is the dispute about?

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