Government spending

Government spending

Lord Myners hits out at cuts package

LABOUR renewed its attack on Chancellor George Osborne's £81 billion budget cuts package yesterday, with former City minister Lord Myners insisting the scale and speed of the measures were dangerous and unnecessary.

City chief asks what really matters as sharp cuts loom

As the Capital gets ready for a UK emergency budget, council leader Jenny Dawe spells out the implications . . .

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'Hard choices ahead' - Chancellor paves way for spending cuts

THE Government will not flinch from the "hard choices on public spending" needed to bring Britain's national deficit back down after the country emerges from recession, Chancellor Alistair Darling pledged today.

Scots spending on core services to fall £300m

THE money the Scottish Government has to spend on core services, including health, education and transport, will fall by almost £300 million next year – the first drop since devolution.

Swinney plans pay curbs for public sector

THOUSANDS of workers across the country are to face pay rise restrictions under new austerity measures being issued by the Scottish Government.

Swinney in £150m levy plea

FINANCE Secretary John Swinney last night asked that UK ministers release a cash pot worth almost £150 million to Scotland.

More post offices under threat as card account deal faces axe

THERE are fears up to a dozen more post offices could close in Edinburgh if the company loses a vital service.

Salmond targets Qatar for cash

ALEX Salmond is to ask a cash-rich Arab state to stump up billions of pounds to pay for desperately-needed upgrades to Scotland's creaking road, rail and power networks.

Treasury minister Yvette Cooper attacks SNP tax plans

ALEX Salmond's plans for a local income tax in Scotland suffered have a serious blow after a senior UK government minister issued an unprecedented formal warning of a £750 million black hole in the Scottish Government's plans.

Swinney's last-minute deals over business rates and transport win vital support

JOHN Swinney unveiled two last-minute concessions yesterday in a final attempt to secure cross-party support for his Budget.

A total triumph and an utter defeat

IN THE end, the howl of delight said it all. Alex Salmond had won the biggest parliamentary battle of his career – piloting the first SNP Budget through the Scottish Parliament.

Conservatives claim victory as Goldie plays her hand just right

CONSERVATIVES in the Scottish Parliament were last night celebrating what they regarded as a clear and significant victory.

Scottish Government wins key Budget vote

THE minority SNP government tonight passed its biggest test yet as the Scottish Parliament backed the £30 billion budget.

Civil servants spend £10,000 on PFI trips

SCOTTISH civil servants have spent more than £10,000 of taxpayers' money on a series of junkets promoting the controversial Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

Government's Christmas bill

GOVERNMENT departments have spent almost half a million pounds on Christmas festivities in the last five years, according to official figures.

More cash for housing works

EXTRA cash is being handed out to help local authorities fund adaptations to the homes of elderly and disabled people so they can live independently.

Civil servants' £1m first-class rail tickets

MORE than £1 million in public money was spent on first-class rail tickets by a single government department over the past year, it emerged last night.

Darling faces fury on CGT concessions Anger at lack of CGT concessions

CHANCELLOR Alistair Darling will risk the wrath of the business community this week when he announces only limited concessions to his controversial plans to reform capital gains tax.

Why Alex Salmond really does need his economic strategy to be a success

PUBLICATION of an economic strategy and a budget for the next three years by the Scottish government has made this a busy week for the commentariat. I want to offer the apparently perverse comment that although Alex Salmond and his ministeriat have complained loudly that they haven't got enough money to do all the things that they think need to be done, this might, oddly enough, help them to achieve their economic aims.

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