Government and the media

Government and the media

MSPs warn of TV impact on Scottish newspapers

MSPs have voiced concerns about the impact a proposed new Scottish TV channel could have on the newspaper industry.

Curriculum fails the test on claims of support from Oscar winner Tilda Swinton

A BID by the Scottish Government to claim celebrity backing for the new school curriculum was in tatters last night - after leading Scots insisted they had nothing to do with it.

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Swinney drops adverts cut threat

The Scottish Government has abandoned plans to allow councils to post public notice online amid fears the move would signal the end for many newspapers.

Westminster loses 200 computers a year in past decade

GOVERNMENT ministers and officials have reported more than 200 laptops and computers lost or stolen in the past 12 months, bringing the total over the last decade to more than 2,000, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

Murdoch's son to run empire

WHEN James Murdoch dropped out of university to start a hip-hop record label, few would have bet that just 12 years later, he would arguably be the most powerful figure in the British media.

Trident rethink is dismissed as Labour spin

LABOUR ministers in London were last night accused of spin over a report that the Ministry of Defence is preparing plans to move the Trident nuclear system out of Scotland.

Murdoch mocks rivalry of Brown and Blair

MEDIA tycoon Rupert Murdoch has painted an unflattering portrait of Britain's two most powerful politicians, describing Prime Minister Tony Blair as a "lame duck" and revealing how he and Gordon Brown vie for his attention whenever he is in London.

Rupert Murdoch 'like a 24th member of the Cabinet' says Aide

THE influence of media mogul Rupert Murdoch over Tony Blair made him 'like a 24th member of the Cabinet', says ex-Downing Street aide Lance Price.

Boris becomes Braveheart

IT'S school disco night at Po Na Na, the hip Frederick Street student hangout that is the place to splash Daddy's cash in Edinburgh on a Thursday. In the queue stand boys wearing shorts, ties and baseball caps, girls in bunches and alarmingly short skirts and, bringing up the rear, an expression of gentle confusion etched upon his face, the Conservative MP for Henley on Thames and party spokesman on higher education, Boris Johnson.

Enterprising individual required to fill key public post

WANTED: visionary individual to grow Scotland's economy. Previous experience vital. Ability to lead and inspire crucial. High personal impact and credibility important. Salary up to £132,000 a year.

The woman who has a passionate affair with public appointments

KAREN Carlton is puzzled. There are, she says, people out there who are passionate about football and fly-fishing. She does not understand why. There are, however, rather a lot of people - probably including fly-fishing footballers - who might be puzzled by her passion: public appointments in Scotland.

Blunkett fears as affair to hit small screen

DAVID BLUNKETT'S solicitors have written to Channel Four over plans to broadcast a drama about the former Home Secretary's affair with magazine publisher Kimberly Quinn, it has emerged.

Johnson denies lying to Howard

SACKED Tory vice-chairman Boris Johnson today denied lying to Conservative leader Michael Howard about his affair.

Hypocrisy makes this public's affair

HOW refreshing to see someone take a stand and decide not to tell the whole world about the new love of their life. Despite no shortage of offers, Home Secretary David Blunkett has taken the principled decision that, for once, privacy should come first.

Spin chief in row over Paris tragedy

LABOUR’S spin operation was thrust into controversy again yesterday, after it was revealed that Tony Blair’s chief media adviser had suggested the Paris airport disaster was an "opportunity".

Campbell owns up: Labour took the art of spin too far

ALASTAIR Campbell yesterday admitted that Labour had taken the art of spin too far once in government.

Scots example used to draft spin-doctor bill

SPIN doctors are to have their powers curbed under tough new plans outlined yesterday.

Campbell tells of 'hurt' at BBC dossier story

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL has told how he felt hurt by the BBC story at the centre of the Iraq dossier weapons row.

TV briefings to cut spin

TONY Blair is considering a further round of changes, including the introduction of United States-style televised press briefings, in an attempt to underline Labour’s commitment to ditching the culture of spin.

Blair to dismantle the No 10 spin machine

TONY Blair will today unveil sweeping changes to the government’s communications operation, in an attempt to draw a line under spin culture.

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