Gordon's Diary

Gordon's Diary

Some success found amongst the defeats

THERE I was lying in bed with my wife Jenni some time on Saturday morning when we hear a knock on the door. Presuming it was the cleaners we ignored the intrusion and then, when it persisted, we told them - politely - to go away and leave us alone!

Signs of hope, but now it's high time we turned potential into wins

IT WAS one tough, hard game out there. The dressing room after the match was quite emotional. It is not good coming here and losing a record number of tries.

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Welsh players well known to us from league duty

I CAN’T lie and pretend I’d rather be in our position than in the position of the Welsh lads, but we have several advantages and we have to make the most of them. We know that our supporters are absolutely expecting us to throw the kitchen sink at them, and we have to use everything at our disposal.

Victory by any means is enough to rekindle players' confidence

IT DOESN’T matter if it’s all penalties or a drop kick from the halfway line in the last minute of the match which gives you victory, a win is a win.

After a step forward, two steps backward

TO SAY that it was disappointing would be an understatement. We started so well and then to lose 40 points is really a bit of a kick in the teeth. After the way we played against France last week and the amount of work we put in this past week, we were expecting to do well but for some reason it just didn’t happen for us.

Oh no, it's another of those glorious defeats

EVERYBODY in Scottish rugby, including the players and management, will be heartbroken this morning.

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