Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

'Strewth' says Gordon Ramsay as Aussie restaurant racks up £1.3m losses

Scots TV chef Gordon Ramsay is facing more financial trouble, with his Maze restaurant and grill in Melbourne, Australia, reportedly losing more than £1.3 million since it opened in a blaze of publicity last March.

Gordon Ramsay puts his £3m home on the line to cover debts

CELEBRITY chef Gordon Ramsay's embattled restaurant empire has been propped up by his £3million luxury London home, it has emerged.

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Local Hero: How a restaurant in Fife learnt valuable lessons from Gordon Ramsay

HE has the power to make or break reputations, either giving budding restaurateurs a welcome boost in bookings and publicity, or leave them in tears in a dark corner of the kitchen after a characteristically fiery outburst.

Ramsay suffers fresh nightmare

GORDON Ramsay's personal kitchen nightmare continued yesterday as he shut his "boil-in-the-bag" kitchen.

'Stretched' Gordon Ramsay is forced to sell flagship New York restaurant

CELEBRITY Scots chef Gordon Ramsay has been forced to sell off his flagship overseas restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay brother sells Big Issue

HE HAS seen his business empire hammered by the impact of the recession, been branded a "low-life" by Australia's prime minister for an outspoken attack on a female broadcaster and been rapped by TV watchdogs for his on-air swearing.

Gordon Ramsay's 'brand' goes off the boil

HIS expletive-strewn shows continue to attract millions of viewers and his books are still being reprinted at a dizzying pace.

Mother tells Ramsay to eat humble pie

GORDON Ramsay has apologised over comments he made about an Australian television presenter after a dressing-down from his mother.

Gordon Ramsay apologises to TV star after phone call from his mother

GORDON Ramsay apologised today over comments he made about an Australian television presenter after a dressing-down from his mother.

Australian PM hits out at 'low life' Ramsay after jibe at TV presenter

GORDON Ramsay has been branded a "low life" by the Australian prime minister after becoming embroiled in an extraordinary war of words with one of the country's leading television presenters.

Australian PM brands Gordon Ramsay a 'lowlife' over TV insult

THE Australian Prime Minister described Gordon Ramsay as a "new form of lowlife" today in the wake of comments the celebrity chef allegedly made about a television presenter down under.

Chef roasted as four-letter word (er, not food) is too well drizzled

GORDON Ramsay's Great British Nightmare programme breached Ofcom rules after the most offensive language was used more than 100 times, Ofcom ruled yesterday.

Credit crunch Ramsay finds a new F-word – his finances

GORDON Ramsay was embroiled in a new controversy yesterday as it emerged that his restaurant empire had flouted banking agreements.

Let us f@%#ing pray: Ramsay emerges a Christian role model

HE'S no angel, but the host of Hell's Kitchen has been unveiled as an unlikely role model for young Christians.

Ramsay has the recipe for £100m global earnings by year 2010

GORDON Ramsay has cooked his way to the title of highest earning chef in the world, with an empire expected to bring in £100 million by 2010.

Brewer cheers link with chef Ramsay

A BREWER from the Capital has spoken of his delight at the success of a TV link-up with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon? He's just a pussycat

THERE are two kitchens at the South London home of Tana and Gordon Ramsay. One is a swanky designer job filled with state-of-the-art gadgetry, the other a cramped galley kitchen.

New Capital restaurant on the menu for Gordon Ramsay

FIERY TV chef Gordon Ramsay has set his sights on opening a new restaurant in Edinburgh.

The H word

GORDON Ramsay's new cookery book, Healthy Appetite, is devoted to recipes that will help you look and feel better. In this exclusive extract he introduces some delicious dishes

Gordon Ramsay on... how to cook your Christmas turkey

SO, YOU'RE planning to stuff the turkey, cover it in bacon, bung it in the oven for a few hours and serve it to your family are you? F***ing amateur.

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