Get ready to Google an amazing Amazonian experience

SOME of the most remote rainforests and communities along the Amazon will soon be accessible from the comfort of home thanks to a Google camera crew sailing the river with a 360-degree camera system.

IT Cloud has a silver lining for file sharers

GOOGLE and Amazon will soon permit consumers to store back-up files of their music and film libraries in an internet "cloud", after the government announced sweeping changes to the copyright laws.

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Armed police see off Google at nuclear site

A Google Street View car came face-to-face with an armed policeman after stumbling on to a high-security Scottish nuclear site yesterday.

Everything clicks as Larry Page wows Wall St with results from Google

Google shares surged yesterday after co-founder Larry Page's first results since taking over as chief executive took Wall Street by storm.

Google to digitise British Library books

Around 250,000 books will be put on line as part of a deal between the British Library and search engine Google.

FBI to probe China's role in hacking Google mail

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesteday said that Google's allegations of Chinese hacking of its e-mail system were "very serious" and would be investigated by the FBI.

Fears raised that recruitment will hit profits at Google

Analysts yesterday cut their price targets for internet search behemoth Google, a day after a surge in costs overshadowed the first set of results with co-founder Larry Page back at the helm.

Inside job for Google Street View

Google's Street View is being taken indoors for the first time - into some of the world's most famous art galleries.

Page and Schmidt take new roles

Google said co-founder Larry Page will take charge of day-to-day operations as chief executive from 4 April as current chief executive Eric Schmidt assumes the role of executive chairman.

Google: What's behind the brand?

SILICON Valley. Just the name itself conjures up images of hundreds of unimaginably intelligent, geeky young engineers from all over the world beavering away to create the next big thing; of giant microchips and futuristic gadgets; James Bond-esque sliding doors and rows of flat screens as far as the eye can see. But, winding through the Californian roads, the reality is underwhelming.

Google: The search history of global giant

WHAT started out as a research project by two Stanford University students in US is now a multi-billion-dollar giant that dominates the internet.

Google to be investigated by EU watchdog over alleged competition breaches

THE European Commission is launching a formal investigation into whether Google has abused its dominant market position in online searches.

Google facing £1.5bn fines if EC rules it has abused power

INTERNET search engine giant Google is to be investigated by the European Commission over claims of abusing its dominant market position.

Google web gadget for Samaritans

Google will now display a telephone number for the Samaritans when words relating to suicide are entered into the internet search engine.

Google forced to black out the Browns

THE internet firm Google has been forced to black out details of former PM Gordon Brown's home from its controversial Street View mapping service.

UK unclear on legality of Google data collection

THE UK's privacy watchdog said yesterday that it would not be "panicked into a knee-jerk response" over claims Google has been spying on people.

Google deliberately spied on households, claims MP

INTERNET giant Google was yesterday accused by MPs of deliberately spying on households for commercial gain.

Google cars copied home e-mails and passwords

Internet search engine Google has admitted copying household computer passwords and e-mails while creating its controversial Street View website, it has emerged.

Software firms urged to home in on geolocation

FOR some it will be a step too far towards the "Big Brother" culture conceived by George Orwell in his iconic novel 1984.

Google boss warns of online name shame

GOOGLE'S chief executive has suggested people may be forced to change their names when they reach adulthood in order to escape youthful misdemeanours immortalised online.

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