GM food

GM food

EU ruling on GM crops comes under fire

THE decision by European politicians to allow individual member states to ban the growing of genetically-modified crop was criticised yesterday by Europe's largest plant breeder.

Protein-rich GM potato may combat malnutrition

A PROTEIN-PACKED "superspud" has been developed by genetic scientists who believe it could combat malnutrition.

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EC cedes control over GM

THE European Commission has handed back power to national governments, allowing them to decide the future of genetically modified crops.

Holyrood anger as new UK minister backs GM crops

THE Scottish and UK governments could be set for a clash over controversial genetically modified (GM) crops after a key Tory minister appeared to back growing them in Britain.

GM produce is back on the political menu, says minister

ENVIRONMENT Secretary Hilary Benn has resurrected the possibility of genetically modified (GM) food being introduced to bolster Britain's food supply.

GM plants found in Scottish fields

GENETICALLY modified seed-lings have been discovered growing among oilseed rape in three fields in Scotland.

Charles warns of GM 'disaster'

THE Prince of Wales has warned the development of genetically modified crops risked creating "the biggest disaster environmentally of all time".

Prince warns of GM 'disaster'

THE Prince of Wales has warned the development of genetically modified crops risked creating "the biggest disaster environmentally of all time".

Two more years of food price misery

GLOBAL food prices will continue to soar for the next two years, producers and analysts warned yesterday, as the Scottish Government launched an inquiry into improving affordability.

Salmond firm on GM crops but farming leader believes their time may come

SUPERMARKET shelves are bulging, but the reality is that the world is a hungry place and food is becoming an increasingly expensive item of the weekly shopping budget.

Burning Issue: Does GM have a big part to play in securing the future of food supplies?

Yes DR EVAN HARRIS, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, and Lib Dem science spokesman

Consumers unaware of 'eating GM food'

GENETICALLY-modified food is entering the UK by stealth via feed given to animals reared for dairy and pork products, a campaign group has warned.

Eggs are not what they are all cracked up to be

DO YOU choose a box of eggs with your weekly shop because it says "country fresh", "Class A" or "organic" or has a picture of a hen sitting under a tree? Or do you pick up the newer but "retro" free-range pale blue, pink or eau-de-nil Clarence Court Old Cotswold Legbars favoured by celebrity chefs Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver?

Families face stark choice ... pay more for food or go GM

CONSUMER resistance to the idea of genetically modified foods must be overcome if there is be a solution to the growing problem of food inflation, scientists have said.

GM crops: 'Point of no return in ten years'

EUROPE will increase its genetically modified (GMO) crop area by 50,000-100,000 hectares a year over the next decade, US biotech giant Monsanto has said.

How to save the planet? More nuclear power and GM crops, say climate experts

THE world's leading climate-change experts will this week put themselves on a collision course with environmentalists by proposing a series of controversial measures to tackle global warming.

Alarm over banned food additives discovered in children's medicines

ADDITIVES banned in food and drink for under-threes are present in some children's medicines, according to a report published yesterday.

A risk worth taking as GM foods could save millions of lives

EUROPEAN consumer panic and EU regulations about genetically modified foods threaten millions of starving Africans who need cheap and reliable crops.

We cannot afford to become a part of the flat-Earth brigade

GENETICALLY modified crops are back in the news again, but many farmers will reckon that it is for the wrong reason. Recently the British Potato Council, the organisation to which all commercial growers must subscribe through a levy, announced that it was not going to support research into the development of GM strains of potato resistant to blight. That has to be an own goal if ever there was one.

Dishing the dirt on organic food

BRITAIN'S agricultural industry was split last night over claims there is no conclusive evidence that organic food is healthier than products grown by conventional methods.

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