Glorious 12th

Glorious 12th

Critics gun for National Trust hunting plan

ONE OF Scotland's leading conservation charities has come under fire for promoting grouse shooting and deer stalking with the aid of public money.

No guarantee of a glory day for sportsmen

UNCERTAINTY, unless you are a grouse, surrounds prospects for the so-called Glorious 12th, otherwise known as today.

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Grouse shoots blighted by a lack of birds

THE grouse shooting season will go with a whimper rather than a bang again this year, conservation chiefs warned yesterday.

Poor weather dampens prospects for grouse season

GROUSE shooting prospects have been hit for a second year after a wet spring and searing July temperatures.

Don't shoot down estates' tourism effort

THE Glorious Twelfth, the traditional start of the grouse shooting season, may have to change its name if recent reports are to be believed.

Rural areas facing worst grouse season in a decade

SCOTLAND'S rural communities look set to suffer as some areas experience the worst grouse season in a decade, it emerged yesterday.

Cost of grouse predicted to double due to poor season

RESTAURATEURS face a costly start to the grouse-shooting season on Friday as it emerged that each bird might cost them £30 this year - around double the price of 2004.

Grouse beating a path to our plates

IT IS high in protein, low in fat and free from artificial additives. Vegetarians and anti-bloodsports campaigners won't like it but red grouse is about to be marketed as a healthy new meat alternative.

Inglorious Twelfth for the grouse moors

SCOTLAND’S heather moors were eerily silent yesterday as a Glorious Twelfth that was anything but heralded what many shooting estates fear will be the worst grouse season for a decade.

It may not be a Glorious 12th, but it's a business to be proud of

IF YOU were to believe everything you have read about the prospects for the Glorious 12th this year, you would be forgiven for thinking that those of us involved in the industry are running round, frantically echoing Private Fraser’s woeful declaration: "We’re doomed. We’re all doomed."

Little glorious for shooting season

THE guns will be muted on the Glorious 12th of August - the start of the grouse shooting season - as the game bird’s breeding rates have plummeted in the past year, according to figures released by the Game Conservancy Trust in Scotland this week.

Grouse season not so Glorious as ticks attack

GROUSE shooters are busy cleaning their guns for the start of the season on the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ of August, but experts have predicted a washout season after a drastic decline in the bird population.

Experts to study impact of grouse moor lost to harriers

NEW research is to quantify the impact of the closure of a Scottish grouse moor that was blamed on the rise in the number of hen harriers.

My big grouse about the Glorious 12th

THINK about it. If you were a small brown bird looking for a quiet life, would you take off and fly over a line of people trying to blast your head off when you could walk quietly round them?

Grouse on menu as Glorious 12th starts

EARLY birds were the first to end up on the lunch table yesterday, the Glorious Twelfth and the traditional start of the grouse-shooting season.

Heather bug has shooters grousing

A TINY insect could seriously harm the grouse-shooting season which starts today, according to gamekeepers.

Stop grousing about cruelty to animals

August 12 presumably isn’t considered glorious in some corners of the avian population, since this is the day grouse-shooting begins. It’s also a sorry anniversary in the history of animal extinction since on that date in 1883 the very last quagga - which looked like a dodgy cut and paste of a zebra and a horse - died in the Amsterdam Zoo.

Getting to grips with the 12th

Guests at Balavil Estate will awaken tomorrow morning to the smell of sizzling bacon and the scent of the hunt. The Glorious 12th, the official start of the grouse shooting season, as decreed in the Game Act of 1831, is a celebration of family, friends and the fast flight of these crowned kings of fowl.

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