Global Warming

Global Warming

Solar flare image acts as warning

A SOLAR flare captured this week by Nasa provides evidence of increased activity on the sun's surface. Scientists are warning that the earth could witness an intense period of solar activity in the next few years.

Holyrood bid to look after UK interests at global climate talks

HOLYROOD ministers yesterday launched an attempt to represent the UK at an international forum on energy and climate issues.

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Satellite to check on global warming

THE European Space Agency yesterday launched a new satellite designed to measure the effects of global warming on Earth's polar ice caps.

Students use body heat to cut carbon

SAUCY students at Edinburgh University are being encouraged to share a shower, dim the lights and turn up the body heat – all in the name of global conservation.

Furore over other global -warming 'truths' that have turned out to be less than scientific

THE United Nations climate science panel is facing mounting criticism for "bogus" claims about the impact of global warming.

Leader: Global warning

DISPUTES between believers and non-believers have dogged history for millennia, and the current argument between climate change crusaders and climate change sceptics displays the all-too-familiar characteristics of scorn, suspicion and zealotry. As the rhetoric is ramped up as we approach the Copenhagen summit, now is a good time to step back and reflect on some fundamental questions raised by the debate on the planet's future.

Climate change: Heating up

A FORTY-FIVE pound turkey called Courage was among the lucky few of his flock this weekend to have survived America's Thanksgiving celebrations. Under the portico of the White House, President Barack Obama bestowed upon "Courage" the annual presidential pardon. "I was planning to eat this sucker," Obama is reported to have declared, before giving in to his daughter's demands that he let it live.

Climate change: Too hot to handle

THE scene is the top of Mount Everest and a prominent sign advertises the "climate change summit 2040". "Good news," says a suited figure at a podium above a group of attentive delegates. "We finally have a binding international agreement to control greenhouse gases!"

Arctic will be ice-free in 20 years, new survey predicts

THE Arctic Ocean will be an "open sea" almost entirely free from ice within a decade, the latest data released today indicates.

Global warming fulfils icy dream

FOR hundreds of years, mariners have dreamed of navigating a shortcut through the Arctic that would speed trade between Asia and the West.

Capital switches off for Earth Hour campaign

DARKNESS will fall over Edinburgh this evening as homes, businesses and famous landmarks switch off their lights.

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