Glenrothes by-election

Glenrothes by-election

SNP raises doubts on Glenrothes as inquiry launched into by-election

AN INDEPENDENT inquiry has been launched into the loss of important documents from the Glenrothes by-election.

SNP calls for probe over missing Glenrothes by-election record

THE SNP demanded an inquiry today after it emerged that a record of everyone who voted in last year's Glenrothes by-election has gone missing.

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Glenrothes by-election winner Lindsay Roy arrives in Westminster

LABOUR'S surprise victor in last week's Glenrothes by-election arrived in Westminster today to take his Commons seat.

Brown to deny Scots Parliament more powers

GORDON Brown will this week reject plans to boost the powers of the Scottish Parliament, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

Salmond takes blame for loss in Glenrothes

ALEX SALMOND has accepted the blame for the SNP's defeat at the Glenrothes by-election.

How Labour found ominous chink in the SNP's armour

IT IS perhaps debatable which was Labour's greater achievement in Glenrothes: getting the Prime Minister to smile or wiping the smirk from the First Minister's face. But they certainly managed both.

Glenrothes aftermath: So where stands the project?

DEEP in the recesses of SNP headquarters in Edinburgh, party strategists have a private but well-structured grid setting out the vital steps on the road to independence. The targets are clear: secure power at Holyrood; win by-elections; establish credibility in government; gather support for independence; push referendum bill through parliament; win referendum.

Sillars condemns leader's 'one-man band'

SNP activists revealed yesterday who and what they blamed for the SNP's election defeat.

Brown tastes victory - now for a general election in Spring?

IT WAS a Brown bounce that led to a Salmond trounce. But the Prime Minister's personal reprisal was just one half of the story of the surprise victory by Labour at the Glenrothes by-election.

Glenrothes by-election: I'm to blame for SNP's failure to win, says Alex Salmond

ALEX Salmond today took responsibility for the shortcomings in the SNP campaign which saw them fail to win the Glenrothes by-election.

Glenrothes by-election: Brown hails Labour success

GORDON Brown hailed Labour's victory in today's Glenrothes by-election as a vote of confidence for the Government's response to the economic downturn.

Glenrothes by-election: Win is a high point of Gordon Brown's turbulent premiership

LABOUR'S surprise by-election victory in Glenrothes today will put a fresh spring in Gordon Brown's step after a turbulent time in power which has seen the Prime Minister both dubbed a "bottler" and feted as a "super hero".

In pictures: Lindsay Roy wins Glenrothes by-election for Labour

LINDSAY Roy, a former headteacher, has won the Glenrothes by-election for Labour.

Big Glenrothes by-election win for Labour rocks Nationalists

LABOUR delivered an emphatic victory over the SNP in the Glenrothes by-election early this morning, giving a massive fillip to Gordon Brown and his attempts to reassert his party's authority throughout the country.

Analysis: PM slams the brakes on Salmond's momentum

IT is official. As of this morning, the honeymoon is over. The extended feel-good factor which Alex Salmond and the SNP had carried with them since last May came to a halt in the early hours of this morning when the Nationalists failed to take Glenrothes from Labour.

Labour wins Glenrothes by-election

LABOUR have won the Glenrothes by-election with a higher than expected margin of victory over the Scottish National Party.

Glenrothes by-election: Labour confident of win as polls close

THE polls have closed in the Glenrothes by-election with the declaration expected from about 0030 – barring recounts.

Gerri Peev's by-electon blog

01.34: SO there we have it. Labour only knew around 8pm tonight that they had won it. And the SNP were within 140 votes or so of guessing their own support. But they underestimated the turnout and that of Labour. Lots of first editions in Scotland will have the wrong headlines.

Tempers boil over on soaking polling day

A STEADY stream of voters turned out at the Glenrothes by-election yesterday, despite the cold and rain. However, turnout was expected to be lacklustre as the battle to elect a new MP came to a climax.

Glenrothes by-election: Rivals among first to cast votes as polls open

POLLS opened this morning in the closely fought Glenrothes by-election.

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