Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards 2004

Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards 2004

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TODAY’S Scotland is a brighter, more positive and optimistic place than it was ten years ago. That sense of our culture only being defined by its own parameters has long been left behind. What we have instead is a country that exudes confidence in itself as it stands within, not separate from, the rest of the world.

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The search is on for that indomitable spirit

IF THERE was ever a year in which the ambition and perspective of the nominees for the Spirit of Scotland awards could be defined by a common thread, this is surely it. This year’s selection shows evidence of seeking the power to see themselves, ourselves, as others do. For too long notions of parochialism and self-reflection bandied around in Scotland as insults to artists, entrepreneurs and creatives rightfully striving to build and cement successes at home rather than abroad.

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