Glasgow North East by-election

Glasgow North East by-election

Labour rapped over by-election postal votes – and for delay in going to polls

LABOUR has been criticised for breaking the rules on postal votes in last year's Glasgow North East by-election and for leaving constituents there without an MP for more than four months.

Glasgow North East: Reality check for SNP

THE SNP campaign team had given up before the tea-time rush even began.

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Duncan Hamilton: By-election disappointment is not a Nationalist disaster

THINGS always look better the morning after. Just as well for the SNP after a defeat in the Glasgow North East by-election which Labour was fully entitled to call "resounding". On any view, losing an election by 59 per cent to 20 per cent poses significant questions.

Game on

WHEN David Kerr, the defeated SNP candidate in the Glasgow North East by-election, made his excuses in a radio interview on Friday morning, he hit the proverbial nail on the head.

Labour win: 'It still looks to be more about damage limitation'

THE overblown Labour celebrations after yesterday's by-election win said it all: this was a party desperately in need of some good news.

Glasgow North East by-election: SNP's bubble has burst, insists jubilant Labour

THE SNP's novelty has "worn off" as Scots voters who backed the Nationalists begin to switch back to Labour, buoyant party chiefs claimed yesterday in the wake of their crushing victory in the Glasgow North East by-election.

Glasgow North East by-election: BNP man finds his big talk contradicted by tiny vote

THE BNP's candidate in the Glasgow North East by-election, Charlie Baillie, was facing derision last night, after it emerged he had predicted the party's "best-ever result" an hour before he lost his deposit.

Peter Jones: Labour's victory is no surprise after a look at the roots of party's candidate

THE impressively large majority stacked up by Labour in the Glasgow North East by-election looks inexplicable given that the Labour government is at the nadir of unpopularity.

Glasgow North East: Profile - Willie Bain

LABOUR'S Willie Bain was the first person in his family to go to university, and Glasgow North East was the first time he had stood as a would-be MP.

In pictures: Labour win Glasgow North East by-election

LABOUR candidate Willie Bain won last night's Glasgow North East by-election with a comfortable majority over the SNP.

Glasgow North East: Labour clinches win amid record electorate apathy

LABOUR won a clear victory over the SNP in the Glasgow North-East by election last night, maintaining its 74-year grip over the seat.

Eddie Barnes on Glasgow North East: To the victor the spoils, but both parties have fundamental lessons to learn

AFTER a debilitating week in office, Gordon Brown at least has some good news to wake up to this morning.

Constituents go to polls in Glasgow North East by-election

VOTERS are today casting their verdict in the Glasgow North East by-election, the seat made vacant by the resignation of the Commons Speaker Michael Martin.

Glasgow North East by-election: Decision time in a seat left to rack and ruin

TOO scared to give her name, her eyes filling with tears, she tells of the fear that comes after nightfall. It is then that scavengers arrive, hoping to break into the dozens of empty flats alongside hers, so they can strip out the copper piping and the water tanks to sell on the black market.

George Galloway: Labour voters blind and unthinking

LABOUR's success in Scotland has been based on the "uncritical, blind-thinking" support of people in low-income seats like Glasgow North East, George Galloway has claimed.

Eddie Barnes: Anti-politics looms over election but candidates have genuine appeal

ACCORDING to George Galloway, they are all "ingenues" – a group of nobodies who all look and sound like one another, and who will consequently fail to stir Glasgow's apathetic unemployed into their polling booths tomorrow.

Calls for more flexible Scots immigration policy rejected

HOME Secretary Alan Johnson yesterday rejected proposals for a more flexible immigration system to be introduced for Scotland, to allow the country to meet its specific needs.

Chancellor Alistair Darling hits Glasgow North East campaign trail

ALISTAIR DARLING hit the Glasgow North East campaign trail with the message that Glasgow is not a priority for the SNP.

Gordon Brown campaigns in Glasgow North East

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown arrived in the Glasgow North East by-election constituency today in an attempt to boost the Labour candidate's campaign.

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