Glasgow East by-election

Glasgow East by-election

Little in common but BBC career as former colleagues chase votes

TWO former BBC journalists are set to go head to head in the Glasgow North-east by-election.

SNP denies electioneering at taxpayers' expense

A ROW has erupted over claims that the Scottish Government was "electioneering" at taxpayers' expense by holding a public meeting on independence in the Glasgow constituency that is set for a crucial by-election.

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Glasgow East by-election: There are no safe Labour seats any more, says jubilant Salmond

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond said today that there were no safe Labour seats in Scotland in the wake of the SNP's victory in Glasgow East.

Ross Lydall's by-election blog

Friday, 11.20am OK. First things first. I was wrong. I predicted that Labour would hang on to Glasgow East.

Glasgow East by-election: Prime Minister Brown dismisses leadership speculation

GORDON Brown brushed off the threat of a leadership challenge today after the disastrous defeat of Labour in the Glasgow East by-election.

Glasgow East by-election: Cameron calls for general election

CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron urged Prime Minister Gordon Brown to call a general election in the wake of Labour's disastrous by-election defeat in Scotland today.

Glasgow East by-election: Swing would leave Labour with One Scots MP

LABOUR would only have one Westminster MP from Scotland if the Glasgow East swing was repeated across Scotland at a general election.

Glasgow East by-election: In quotes

"Three weeks ago the SNP predicted a political earthquake. This SNP victory is not just a political earthquake, it is off the Richter scale.

Glasgow East by-election: Westminster trembles as the tremors of a historic SNP victory reverberate

THERE have been four great SNP by-election victories. To the history books can be added Glasgow East.

Glasgow East by-election: SNP storm to historic election victory by 365 votes

GORDON Brown was hit by a political earthquake early this morning when the SNP narrowly snatched a sensational victory in the Glasgow East by-election.

Ross Lydall's by-election blog

Thursday, 10am Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Glasgow East: Weary candidates on the home straight

ONE began the day with a bowl of muesli; the other evoked echoes of former Tory prime minister John Major, using a soapbox for a last-day rallying call to supporters.

Glasgow East: Labour gift SNP a propaganda advantage

CAMPAIGNERS have pounced on revelations that Gordon Brown gave Baroness Thatcher a costly gift of silverware when the pair met last year.

D-Day in Glasgow East – and every vote counts for big two

THE battle for Glasgow East looked like going down to the wire last night, with the SNP claiming the race was "neck and neck" and Downing Street predicting a Labour victory by about 1,000 votes.

Ross Lydall's by-election blog

Wednesday, 10.20am

Glasgow East: Curran warned of death threat

FRANCES Curran, the Scottish Socialist Party's candidate, has been the subject of death threats, it emerged last night.

Glasgow East: High risk for Salmond as he fronts bid to trigger 'earthquake'

ALEX Salmond raised the stakes in the crucial Glasgow East by-election yesterday, placing himself at the helm of the SNP charge and declaring it a referendum on the popularity of the Westminster and Holyrood governments.

Glasgow East by-election: SNP 'making headway' says Sturgeon

SCOTTISH National Party campaigners claimed to be making up ground today as the Glasgow East by-election reached its closing stages.

Ross Lydall's by-election blog

Monday 21 July, 11.55pm

Glasgow East by-election: Labour is accused of scoring own goal over benefits

A CLEAR division has opened between Labour and the SNP over plans to radically reform the welfare system and encourage thousands of people back into work.

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