Glasgow "ice cream war" case

Glasgow "ice cream war" case

Ice-cream couple spared jail

A COUPLE who confronted rival ice-cream sellers in a bitter turf war have been spared a jail sentence.

Chinese jail was better than Bar-L

MILLIONS of people followed every twist and turn in TC Campbell’s 17-year battle to clear his name over the Ice Cream War killings.

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Why police chief refused to meet with TC Campbell

STRATHCLYDE Police stressed yesterday that the force would co-operate fully with any public inquiry into the case of Thomas TC Campbell following the quashing of his conviction for the notorious ice-cream war killings.

Word of the law that first failed two men, then set them free

The historic judgment by the Court of Criminal Appeal in the "ice-cream wars" case illustrates the measure of change in the legal world in the 20 years since Thomas Campbell and Joseph Steele stood trial.

'I hate Campbell - I can't stand to look at his face'

JOE Steele has revealed his hatred for co-accused Thomas "TC" Campbell just days after both men were finally cleared of any involvement in the ice-cream war killings.

Who did kill the Doyles?

LORD KINCRAIG turned to the jury of 10 women and five men at Glasgow High Court. He looked grim as he spelled out just what they would have to believe if the men accused of what was then Scotland’s worst multiple murder were to go free.

Ice cream trial judge slams appeal verdict

THE judge in the original Ice Cream War murder trial has condemned an appeal court ruling overturning the conviction of the two men he sentenced to life in prison.

Freed two demand meeting with police

STRATHCLYDE police last night continued to face calls for an open and full inquiry into Glasgow’s most notorious murders after one of the two men wrongly convicted for the crimes was refused a meeting with the chief constable .

'Ice-cream war' duo have convictions quashed

The 'Glasgow Two', Thomas 'TC' Campbell and Joseph Steele, today had their convictions for murder overturned at the Court of Appeal in Edinburgh.

Appeal judges clear Ice Cream Wars pair

TWO men jailed for life for the notorious Glasgow Ice Cream War murders were cleared today by appeal judges after 16 years behind bars.

Ice Cream Wars plea wait

TWO men jailed for life for murdering six members of the same family in the Glasgow Ice Cream Wars case are awaiting the decision of three judges after their appeal hearing drew to a close yesterday.

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