German school shooting

German school shooting

Killer planned ahead

ROBERT Steinhäuser apparently prepared for months for the shooting spree in a German school that left 17 people dead, receiving the permit he used to buy the weapons just weeks after he was told to leave the school last year.

'I want everyone to know my name - I want to be famous'

A TEACHER earmarked for execution along with his colleagues emerged as a hero of the bloodbath which wiped out one fourth of the staff at the school in Germany where Robert Steinhäuser took a terrible revenge.

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Tears and flowers as mourners pay tribute to gunman’s victims

LAST night the names of the victims of Robert Steinhäuser began to emerge from Erfurt as mourners placed bouquets and tributes at the gates of Johann Gutenburg Gymnasium.

'That's it for today' - how school killer stopped slaughter

"GO AHEAD and shoot me," the teacher said to the gunman, but somehow Robert Steinhäuser’s reserves of hatred had run out. The 19-year-old’s shoulders drooped, he lowered his pistol and said: ‘‘That’s it for today.’’

A bright but troubled boy who wanted to exact a terrible revenge

A TERRIBLE coldness and a hunger for everlasting infamy drew Robert Steinhäuser to murder 16 people and take his own life in the Erfurt school massacre.

Prompted by the shootings in Germany, Tony Blair orders crackdown on convertible airguns

TONY Blair has ordered a crackdown on powerful airguns which can be converted to fire bullets.


THE death toll in yesterday’s killings overtook that in the most horrific school massacre in the US - the murder of 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School in April 1999 by two teenage gunmen who then killed themselves. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were described methodically picking off the victims as they cowered under desks, dropping home-made bombs in their wake in a school library in the Denver suburb of Littleton, Colorado.

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