German elections

German elections

Merkel indicates willingness to seek third term as German chancellor

German chancellor Angela Merkel has for the first time signalled her intention to seek a third term in 2013, although a poll this weekend showed Peer Steinbrueck of the main opposition party gaining more support from voters.

Germany swears in its first 'Mrs Chancellor'

ANGELA Merkel was yesterday elected as Germany's first female leader by the parliament in Berlin.

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Does Merkel have substance and style?

AT LONG last, Angela Merkel is Germany's new - and first woman - chancellor. Although continuity will remain the hallmark of foreign policy, Germany's international engagement under Mrs Merkel will sound and feel different from that under Gerhard Schröder's leadership.

Merkel becomes Germany's first ever woman chancellor

Angela Merkel will today become Germany's eighth post-war chancellor and the first woman ever to lead her country. H

German parties sign coalition agreement

Conservative and centre-left leaders in Germany have signed an agreement that will see their parties form a coalition government - the last step before Angela Merkel is elected as first female chancellor.

Germany faces new election

GERMANY'S post-election farce claimed another victim yesterday when the Bavarian premier, Edmund Stoiber, announced that he will stay in Munich instead of serving in a cabinet under Angela Merkel.

Putin's offer to jobless Schröder

GERHARD Schröder, who stepped down on Monday as chancellor of Germany, has been offered a highly-paid post in the Russian energy giant Gazprom by Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, according to reports.

Pyrrhic election victory for Merkel

ANGELA Merkel will become Germany's first woman chancellor under a deal agreed yesterday that forced Gerhard Schröder to concede defeat three weeks after losing the general election.

'Germany's Thatcher' will be first woman chancellor

CONSERVATIVE leader Angela Merkel was today set to become Germany's first female chancellor.

Rivals hold talks on who will run Germany

GERHARD Schröder, the German chancellor, and Angela Merkel, the conservative leader, were due to meet last night to try to resolve a bitter row over who should lead Germany and lay the foundations of a coalition government of their rival parties.

Merkel likely to be named new German leader this weekend

GERMAN conservatives expect Gerhard Schröder, the chancellor, to yield to Angela Merkel in their stand-off over who will head a new government, but a final deal will not come before Sunday, party leaders said yesterday.

Political rivals for Germany's top job to hold summit talks

THE German chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, and his conservative rival, Angela Merkel, will hold summit talks tonight to try to thrash out who will be the country's next leader.

Schröder hints at resignation in power struggle

GERMAN Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has for the first time hinted he might abandon his claim to lead the next government.

CDU's final victory strengthens Merkel

GERMANY'S protracted general election finally ended yesterday with another victory for the conservative CDU party. It now seems certain that Angela Merkel will be proclaimed chancellor in the days ahead.

Merkel and Schroeder deadlocked before ballot

GERHARD Schroeder's Social Democrats and Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats have refused to budge in their battle to lead Germany, ahead of a ballot today that will conclude the country's election.

Germany to be ruled by coalition

GERMANY was yesterday heading for a "grand coalition" government between the two main parties, with reports suggesting Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was preparing to stand down on Monday as the country commemorates 15 years of reunification between East and West.

Coalition of the unwilling sets Merkel or Schröder up for fall

GERMANY'S economic malaise has turned to paralysis after last week's general election in which neither leading party secured enough votes to form a majority government.

Schröder in coalition talks U-turn

GERMANY'S chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, said yesterday he was prepared for coalition talks without preconditions to end the political confusion as his Social Democrats agreed to meet with the conservative Christian Democrats.

Schröder threatens resignation

CHANCELLOR Gerhard Schröder issued a veiled threat that he could resign on Monday, warning left-wing malcontents that they will paralyse his government if they do not back reforms designed to revive the stalled German economy.

Schröder might be on way out

GERMANY’S crisis-stricken red-green government looks set to collapse in March - six months after re-election.

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