Tensions rise as Georgia accuses the Russians of land grab

GEORGIA has accused Russia of trying to take more territory outside the breakaway province of South Ossetia.

Eurovision Song Contest hopefuls Putin the boot over Russia

SIR Terry Wogan may have quit as a Eurovision Song Contest commentator in protest against political voting, but Georgia's provocative entry to this year's contest threatens to embroil Russia's prime minister.

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Shots fired at S Ossetia border

A MOTORCADE carrying Mikheil Saakashvili, the president of Georgia, and Lech Kaczynski, president of Poland, turned back after Russian troops fired shots into the air 30 yards from a checkpoint in the breakaway territory of South Ossetia yesterday.

Russia makes first Georgia pull-back

EU CEASEFIRE monitors in Georgia yesterday reported the dismantling of a Russian checkpoint near breakaway South Ossetia, saying it was the "first open sign" of a promised Russian troop pull-back by 10 October.

Georgia welcomes EU monitors' move into buffer zone

MONITORS from the European Union moved into a Russian-controlled buffer zone around Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia yesterday, clearing the way for Russian troops to pull out by 10 October.

Russian bombs fell 50m from oil pipeline

RUSSIAN planes dropped bombs this month within 50 metres of a pipeline that British oil company BP was in the process of reopening through Georgia, according to witnesses.

Russian warning on Nato warships

RUSSIA has issued a stark warning over what it says is a build-up of Nato ships in the Black Sea, as tensions rise to their highest level since the outbreak of hostilities in Georgia.

Miliband slams Russia over breakaway Georgian states

DAVID MILIBAND will make a keynote speech in Ukraine today strongly condemning Russia's decision to formally recognise two breakaway regions of Georgia.

Miliband brands Russia's recognition of Georgian breakaway regions 'unjustifiable'

BRITAIN branded Russian recognition of Georgia's breakaway regions "unjustifiable and unacceptable" today as the diplomatic row intensified.

Moscow refuses to budge as US sends in navy

A UNITED States warship delivered humanitarian aid to Georgia yesterday, as Moscow ignored new western demands to pull its remaining troops out of the Caucasus country's heartland.

Russian troops remain in key Georgian areas

Tblisi: Russian soldiers held on to positions deep inside Georgia today, fuelling US claims Moscow's pullback fell short of earlier assurances. Reports from around the key town of Gori stated Russian checkpoints had been removed. But there was no sign of a withdrawal from the main Black Sea port of Poti.

Russia hits back over Nato action

RUSSIA'S defence ministry has temporarily frozen military co-operation with Nato, pending a decision from the Kremlin on long-term ties, Russia's envoy to the alliance was quoted as saying last night.

Nato bows to US by freezing links with Moscow

NATO agreed after US pressure yesterday to freeze regular contacts with Russia until Moscow had withdrawn its troops from Georgia in line with a peace deal.

Nato brands Russia unlawful as Miliband heads for Tblisi

FOREIGN Secretary David Miliband is set to travel to the Georgian capital Tbilisi following a meeting of Nato ministers which denounced Russia's involvement in the region.

Russia stalls troop withdrawal

MOSCOW last night insisted Russia had begun the promised military pullback from Georgia amid doubts it was honouring the terms of the ceasefire signed on Saturday.

Georgia on their minds

The director of a Tbilisi arts festival with its roots in Edinburgh tells Tim Cornwell why its cultural bond with the Scottish capital is vital

Ceasefire Russian-style: tanks, troops and frightened civilians

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev added his signature to a French-led peace plan already endorsed by Georgia and by leaders of its two rebel regions.

Crisis in Georgia: Russians retain control of Gori

RUSSIAN troops were continuing to hold the key Georgian city of Gori today amid doubts about whether they will honour an agreement to pull out.

Threat of new Cold War looms

THE spectre of a new Cold War was raised yesterday, after the United States warned Russia that East-West relations could be damaged "for years to come" if it did not pull back from Georgia.

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