George W Bush's visit to the UK

George W Bush's visit to the UK

How I took the mickey out of President Bush, and other Holyrood secrets, by Jack McConnell

AS PRESIDENTIAL mishaps go, it became known as the "Tartan Tumble" and was one of many gaffes attributed to George W Bush.

No 10 refuses to confirm Bush visit in February

PRESIDENT George Bush has no "confirmed plans" to visit Britain, Downing Street said yesterday.

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Bush February visit rules out snap election

GEORGE Bush will fly to Britain early next year to cement his controversial alliance with Tony Blair, effectively ruling out any chance of the Prime Minister calling a "snap election" in February.

Muggings soar while police put on Bush duty

REPORTED muggings across London rose by 20 per cent as thousands of police officers were moved from their regular beats as part of the security operation mounted for United States President George Bush’s state visit, Scotland Yard said today.

Nothing to declare

TONY Blair and George Bush had not actually met when terrorists mounted the murderous assaults that were to overshadow their latest face-to-face encounter last week.

Bush: nowhere safe from terror

BRITAIN and the United States yesterday warned their citizens to expect "ruthless fanatics" to launch terrorists attacks anywhere in the world - as a Scots mother-of-three was named as one of the 27 victims of the Istanbul explosions.

Best of mates go down the Dun Cow

AS GEORGE came through the door of the Dun Cow Inn, Tony put his arm around him in friendly greeting. "Welcome to my local," he said.

Bush tour at an end after fish supper with the PM

GEORGE Bush flew back to the United States last night at the end of his controversial visit to the UK after cementing his close relationship with Tony Blair in a whistle-stop tour of the Prime Minister’s Sedgefield constituency and a fish and chip lunch.

One good turn deserves two others

GEORGE Bush’s esteem of Tony Blair has grown considerably since the United States president arrived in Britain on Tuesday evening.

Dangers of demonising in parody of America

LAST week, I was privileged to speak at a ceremony at which the George C Marshall Foundation Award was given to my friend, Colin Powell. It was a wonderful, all-American occasion (us Brits notwithstanding). Beyond its specific task of honouring a local hero, it was, to me, a celebration of the best of America and its international role.

Bush leaves Palace to call in at Tony's place

THE Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh said farewell to George and Laura Bush today as the American visitors left Buckingham Palace in presidential style.

£1m pub lunch at the Dun Cow

A MARKET town in County Durham will be cut off from the rest of the world for nine hours today so Tony Blair can take George Bush to his local for a pub lunch.

Protestors claim 200,000 march against Bush

AN ESTIMATED 200,000 anti-war protesters descended on London yesterday to show their anger at George Bush’s three-day visit. The unprecedented numbers - double the figure predicted if organisers’ claims are to be believed - followed smaller protests on Wednesday.

Blunkett orders palace security review

DAVID Blunkett, the Home Secretary, has announced a review of Buckingham Palace security after an undercover reporter worked as a footman for the Royal Family for two months, applying for the post using a false reference.

Keynote speech sends message to Saudis

GEORGE Bush called for a "democratic revolution" in the Arab world as he used the only keynote speech of his state visit to Britain to launch a robust defence of his foreign policy.

Protesters halt traffic in Capital

ANTI-WAR protestors brought the centre of Edinburgh to a standstill last night with a massive demonstration.

Royal security review launched after reporter hoodwinks Palace

AN URGENT review of Royal security was ordered yesterday, after it emerged that an undercover reporter had bluffed his way into a job as a footman at Buckingham Palace and had been assigned to look after staff of the president of the United States during his state visit.

Pomp and ceremony, but few cheers

A RATHER desolate air hung over The Mall yesterday morning, where only a handful of supporters had turned out to greet the world’s most powerful man for his official welcome to Britain.

Clandestine clowns lead dissent against Bush

THEY came in their thousands, dressed in brightly-coloured jackets, blocking traffic, gathering on street corners and generally making a nuisance of themselves. And that was just the police.

Royal welcome for Bush

GEORGE Bush was greeted by the Prince of Wales when he arrived at Heathrow airport last night, at the start of a state visit tarnished by a row over the unprecedented security operation.

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