George Kerevan

George Kerevan

George Kerevan: General Salmond ready for battle – but are his troops?

The First Minister should use next week’s conference to reveal his plans for the future of our country,

George Kerevan: Sir Mervyn has a bad case of ‘chasing the instruments’

Governor of the Bank of England’s decision to pump £75bn of invented money into the economy is too little, too late

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George Kerevan: Economy needs help to avoid new depression

IT'S beginning to feel a bit like 1937 again. That was the year the Hindenburg crashed, Guernica was bombed and the Dandy first published.

George Kerevan: Looks like the day of the dead dawns ever closer

This obsessional attraction to zombie culture may, in fact, be influenced by a seismic shift in socio-political attitudes

George Kerevan: Why banning short-selling won't stop the market rot

WILL the UK - not to mention Germany - follow France, Italy, Spain and Belgium in banning the short-selling of European bank shares? Greece already banned short-selling on Monday.

George Kerevan: Young people are just as alienated north of Border

HERE'S an uncomfortable fact: riots are a staple of urban life. Mix different classes and ethnicities in a confined space and you get friction as well as creativity. And that includes Scotland.

George Kerevan: European debt contagion: could it cross the Channel?

IT'S August, folk are on holiday, and the markets are in turmoil. So what else is new?

George Kerevan: Could do better at stopping exam grade inflation

IN my day, in the Drumchapel of the 1960s, Higher results did not arrive by text message, a day early or otherwise.

George Kerevan: BSkyB board members are ready to fight their corners

THE hacking scandal at News International has diverted attention from the success story that is BSkyB. In the same week that the UK recorded derisory growth of 0.2 per cent, the Sky TV firm posted revenues up 16 per cent to £6.6 billion, and operating profits up by 23 per cent to more than £1bn.

George Kerevan: Is that lone hacker the new Red under the bed?

MY EARS pricked up when I heard that an 18-year-old computer hacker had been arrested in Shetland - not by local bobbies but by the plods of the London Metropolitan Police.

George Kerevan: New problems unearthed as roots of Greek crisis dug up

TWO things jump out regarding the latest EU attempt to bail out Greece. First, it has taken nearly 18 months of dithering for Europe's leaders to agree on the only solution to the crisis recognised by the financial markets, namely a bond swap in which Greece's creditors roll over their loans in return for paper guaranteed by the eurozone authorities.

George Kerevan: Europe finally says au revoir to entente cordial

The euro crisis has succeeded in finally unpinning the post-war solidarity on which the European Union was based

George Kerevan: Sovereign debt crisis is the real story in the rest of the world

Murdoch dominated the headlines but the real story of the week remained the international debt crisis. Equities went down while oil, gold and sovereign interest rate spreads went shooting up.

George Kerevan: End of space travel would be loss of pioneer spirit

It may make economic sense to give up on the dream of travelling to the Moon, but at what cost to human endeavour?

George Kerevan: £10bn ship costs? Sounds like Chinese whispers

THE following secret papers have been leaked to The Scotsman. We cannot vouch for their authenticity.

George Kerevan: SNP policy makers can expect no rest from wicked

If Alex Salmond wants an independent Scotland he cannot stay silent forever on policy for its currency, tax, banking and defence

George Kerevan: A balance sheet Maggie would have been proud of

Ignore the negative spin on the latest figures, Scotland is in as good shape under Salmond as it was in the Thatcher years

George Kerevan: There's room for a VAT cut, which in turn creates cover

THE economic news of the week was that British consumers have gone on strike. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that retail sales in May dropped by 1.4 per cent compared with the same period a year earlier.

George Kerevan: Economic autonomy rates more than a mention

Political independence would not necessarily saddle Scotland with an insurmountable debt problem

George Kerevan: Misfiring in the engine room is a major worry for Uncle Sam

Could America really default on its sovereign debt? It is saying something about the current uncertain state of the US economy that the three major rating agencies are hinting about downgrading the "triple-AAA" status of the world's largest and most productive economy.

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