Geoff Hoon body-armour row

Geoff Hoon body-armour row

2,000 troops went to war without vital body-armour

MORE than 2,000 British soldiers went to war in Iraq without body-armour, an inquest heard yesterday.

Victory for widow as MoD held to account over death of soldier

A WIDOW'S four-year fight for the truth after her soldier husband was killed in Iraq ended yesterday with the Ministry of Defence being criticised by a coroner.

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Soldiers 'ordered' to hand back body armour

SOLDIERS giving evidence at the inquest into the death of a tank commander killed by "friendly fire" yesterday told how they were forced to hand back life-saving body armour.

Soldier's death 'not result of wrongdoing'

LORD Goldsmith, the Attorney General, yesterday confirmed there is "insufficient evidence to institute criminal proceedings" in the case of Sergeant Steve Roberts, who died in Iraq after being ordered to give up his body armour.

Revealed: true scale of army kit failures

BRITISH troops serving in Iraq have suffered more than 2,500 failures of weapons and vehicles in the past two years, scores of which could have proved fatal, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

MoD 'is to blame' for soldier's gun death

THE Ministry of Defence will accept liability for the death of the first British soldier to die in action in Iraq, his widow’s lawyer confirmed today.

Catalogue of failure in supplying kit to UK troops

THE disturbing problems in supplying adequate kit to British troops risking their lives in some of the most dangerous parts of the world were laid bare in the aftermath of the Iraq war, with a series of revelations about the quality and quantity of equipment shipped to the Gulf.

Army fears Hutton 'smokescreen' will conceal cuts

MILITARY commanders fear the government might use the aftermath of the publication of the Hutton report to slip out details of an unpopular shake-up of the army which would involve cuts in troop numbers and leave Britain struggling to cope with its international commitments.

Revelations raised across Commons benches

THE Scotsman’s revelations that the Black Watch had been sent into battle without essential safety equipment were raised by a succession of MPs in Westminster yesterday.

Hoon hit by £3bn MoD overspend

THE troubled tenure of Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, at the Ministry of Defence will suffer another blow today with the publication of a report showing that spending on major defence projects went over budget by more than £3 billion last year.

Call for inquiry into deaths of six Redcaps

THE brother of one of six Royal Military Policemen killed by a mob in Iraq has challenged Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, to order a public inquiry into their deaths, saying: "This is his chance."

Troops likely to get enhanced armour

• Civil servant branded ‘arrogant and complacent’

Flak jacket bloodstain fears

THE flak jacket worn by Sgt Steven Roberts, 33, pictured, was destroyed shortly after his death in the Iraq war "because of the potentially hazardous nature of the bloodstains", said the MoD.

Medic: Why Scots sergeant lost his leg

THE doctor who treated Sergeant Albert Thomson after he was shot in Iraq insisted last night that he did everything he could to save his leg - and blamed a shortage of military helicopters for a delay in evacuating the injured soldier to a field hospital where doctors could have carried out emergency surgery.

Shot soldier's flak jacket was destroyed

THE flak jacket worn by a British soldier was destroyed shortly after his death in the Iraq war, it emerged today.

Widow brands Hoon a disgrace

GEOFF Hoon’s beleaguered political career sank to a new low yesterday, when the widow of Sergeant Steve Roberts branded him a disgrace and repeated calls for his resignation.

Hoon: is it the final cock-up or a Kamikaze exit?

GEOFF Hoon’s alliance with Tony Blair once meant that politically he was bulletproof.

Hoon is cut adrift by Leader of House

GEOFF Hoon’s attempts to keep his job slipped further yesterday after he failed to gain the support of a Cabinet colleague.

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