General practitioners

General practitioners

Bill Jamieson: Getting GPs out of that 9-to-5 routine is right prescription

IT WAS the left-wing Labour firebrand Aneurin Bevan who famously said of Britain's doctors that he had to "stuff their mouths with gold" to secure their agreement to work with the new National Health Service.

Patients urge GPs to open all hours

MORE doctors should offer appointments outside normal hours to improve access for working patients, campaigners demanded yesterday.

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Scotland ahead of the UK with new electronic prescriptions service

AN ELECTRONIC prescribing link between doctors and high street chemists is a UK first for the health service in Scotland, officials said today.

Longer GP opening hours branded wasteful 'PR exercise' by doctors

THE practice of making GPs open their surgeries for longer hours must be urgently reviewed, doctors' leaders said yesterday after the scheme was branded a "PR exercise".

'GP patient lists must shrink'

HUNDREDS of patients must be cut from GPs' practice lists to allow doctors to spend more time dealing with complex illnesses, a conference will hear next week.

GPs' surgeries should 'open on holidays to help ailing NHS 24'

DOCTORS could be asked to open their surgeries on public holidays in an attempt to deal with surges in demand to Scotland's out-of-hours NHS helpline.

Doctors to face annual check-ups on their competence

ALL of Britain's 150,000 doctors will face annual assessments so licences can be removed from poor performers, under radical proposals to be outlined by the Chief Medical Officer today.

Wasted: The millions spent trying to boost Scottish healthcare

A LUCRATIVE new contract for Scottish GPs that gave them a 38 per cent pay rise over three years has failed to reduce health inequalities or improve access for patients.

SNP 'ignored Scottish needs' over GP hours

A LEADING doctor has accused the Scottish Government of following Westminster's lead on extended hours.

Out-of-hours GP clinics to be cut

MORE than half a million Scots will have their out-of-hours access to GPs restricted under a deal struck between the Scottish Government and doctors.

GPs say longer hours a waste of resources

THE Scottish Government's commitment to making GPs open their surgeries for longer hours is facing fresh opposition from doctors who claim it is an inappropriate use of resources.

Fears surgeries to stay shut in GP hours row

FAMILY doctors were on a collision course with the Scottish Government last night over plans to extend GP hours, with fears that many will keep their doors shut.

Women doctors face glass ceiling at academic pinnacle of profession

FEMALE doctors in the UK face a glass ceiling in the clinical academic sector, even though more are entering the medical profession, a study shows.

400 assaults a week on healthcare workers 'just the tip of the iceberg'

MORE than 20,000 attacks against NHS staff are reported each year in Scotland, figures obtained by The Scotsman reveal, suggesting verbal and physical abuse of doctors, nurses and other health service workers has reached record levels.

A day in the life of a general practitioner

FAMILY doctors have not had it easy in the last couple of years, with accusations that they earn too much and work too little. Soaring wage bills as a result of their 2004 contract, which also allowed GPs to opt out of working antisocial hours, have led to some asking whether the taxpayer is getting their money's worth.

Failings in out-of-hours care

AUDIT Scotland, the independent watchdog over how public money is spent, is a naturally cautious body. Its reports contain detailed analysis and evaluation of how taxpayers' money is spent, but with the minimum of comment. Usually, the facts are left to speak for themselves. So it is a sign of how seriously Audit Scotland considers the problem to be, that its latest report - on out-of-hours healthcare - is couched in uncharacteristically blunt language.

Fears over doctors' out-of-hours service

SCOTLAND'S out-of-hours health service is facing a staff crisis, as hundreds of GPs abandon evening and weekend working, a report has warned.

GPs told to drop visitors' fees

A GP practice that refused to treat foreign visitors for free in protest over the treatment of its own patients abroad has been forced to back down, it emerged yesterday.

Warning of GP exodus as £20,000 pay gap with England is revealed

FAMILY doctors in Scotland may abandon the country if pay is not improved, their leaders warned yesterday, as figures showed they earned £20,000 a year less than their colleagues in England.

Wife of suicide doctor claims 80-hour weeks 'drove him over the edge'

A DOCTOR who committed suicide on a Highland mountainside was under huge pressure to complete his training to become a consultant before a deadline in November, police sources have revealed.

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