General Election 2010

General Election 2010

Gordon Brown to break silence on election defeat

GORDON Brown is set to end his seven-month silence on Labour's election defeat with a staunch defence of his government's economic policy.

Police asked to probe David Mundell's spending ahead of general election

POLICE have been asked to investigate Scotland Office minister David Mundell for allegedly breaking strict spending limits ahead of May's general election.

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Disabled access to polling stations criticised

FACILITIES at polling stations for disabled people during the 2010 General Election campaign have been criticised in a new report.

Elections watchdog calls for urgent changes after hundreds denied vote

THE elections watchdog has demanded "urgent changes" after condemning failings that left hundreds of people unable to vote on 6 May.

Conservative - Lib Dem coalition: Heading for divorce

With discontent already beginning to surface within the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition, the pact could prove to be short-lived

John Forsyth: Gordon Brown lost his joie de vivre but has much to be proud of

JOHN FORSYTH, a former Political Editor of Scotland on Sunday, shared a student flat with Gordon Brown at Edinburgh University. Here, he assesses whether his old friend truly fulfilled his early promise.

Nick Clegg faces backlash from grassroots Lib Dems who want coalition scrapped

NICK Clegg will face calls from party activists today to tear up his coalition pact with David Cameron amid a grassroots backlash over key party pledges dumped as part of last week's historic deal.

Gordon Brown makes light of his fall from power in home visit

GORDON Brown joked yesterday that he had considered taking courses in communication skills and public relations after stepping down as prime minister.

Gordon Brown makes first public appearance since resigning as PM

GORDON BROWN has made his first public appearance since resigning as Prime Minister two days ago.

The Conservative / Lib Dem coalition document in full

THE Coalition Agreement published yesterday afternoon marks a fundamental shift in the way the UK government will be run over the next few years. Here is the document in full:

Classic quotes and observations on coalition governments

COALITIONS, deals, loyalty – or not – and political expediency are, of course, nothing new. Down the ages, some of the finest political, military, philosophical and artistic minds have had plenty to say on the subject. Here are some of their observations – and warnings:

Tavish Scott defends Lib Dem coalition deal with Conservatives

THE leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats says he does not believe this week's Westminster coalition agreement would affect his party's share of the vote in next year's Holyrood elections.

The odd couple: David Cameron and Nick Clegg put aside differences on day one of new era

BRITISH politics has entered a new era, after David Cameron and Nick Clegg unveiled a "historic" programme for government over the next five years.

David Maddox: Everything in garden is rosy for new best buds Nick and Dave

ALL was rosy in David Cameron's garden as he came out to introduce the world to his new best friend – Liberal Democrat leader cum Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

David Cameron pledges to govern Scotland with 'respect'

DAVID Cameron spoke to Alex Salmond yesterday to underline his "commitment to devolution" amid fears that a Conservative-led UK government without a Scottish mandate would damage the Union.

Coalition Agreement: But who's closest to the new premier?

SO who are the select few who will have access to the new Cam-elot, now bedding down at Downing Street?

Lib Dems' fab five get set to join Tories at UK's top table

THE new Cabinet ministers were settling into their offices and – in some cases – Jaguars yesterday after David Cameron and Nick Clegg named the men and women they hope will run the country for the next five years.

Coalition agreement: First 100 days that will make or break new accord

THE first 100 days of the power-sharing coalition will test the mettle of David Cameron and Nick Clegg's partnership and make or break the new government entrusted with turning round Britain.

Revealed: The blueprint for coalition government

THE Coalition Agreement published yesterday afternoon marks a fundamental shift in the way the UK government will be run over the next few years – although it will be familiar to Scots.

Rudd advises David Cameron: 'Enjoy it before diving in'

AUSTRALIAN prime minister Kevin Rudd has cautioned David Cameron not to dive in at the deep end in his new position.

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