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Genealogy Clinic

Foundation course

Q MY GRANDFATHER was an architect. Is it possible to find out anything about his career and the buildings he designed? L Ray (by e-mail)

Back and Forth

Q I believe one of my ancestors worked on the Forth Rail Bridge. Are there any records of the building of the bridge that I could look at for evidence of him?

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Widening a search

Q I'VE been doing some research into my family tree and have got stuck on a couple of people, unable to find an entry in the register of births or deaths during the late 19th century. Why might this be? N Maxton (by e-mail)

Fish for answers

Q MY great grandfather ran a fishing boat in Scotland. Where can I find out more? K Laing (Canada)

Dig into the past

Q I BELIEVE one of my ancestors worked on the canals in Scotland. Are there any records which include the names of canal builders? H Jeffrey (by e-mail)

Monumental task

Q Is it possible to find out where in Scotland an ancestor was buried? T Coombes (Canada)

Get the inside story

Q I BELIEVE that one of my ancestors died in prison. What can I find out about this? Would there have been an official investigation? A Alexander (by e-mail)

For better, for worse

Q WHERE might I find a marriage contract for one of my ancestors in Scotland? H Killick (by e-mail)

Back to the Clyde

Q I BELIEVE great grandfather worked for a Clyde shipbuilder in the early 20th century and I'm interested to find out more about the ships he helped to build. Would any records still exist and what can I expect to find?

Moving stories

Q My father was evacuated in Scotland during the Second World War. Where can I find out more information about this? J Jones (by e-mail)

A few home truths

Q My father was born in Kirkcaldy in 1909 and was put into the Orphan Homes of Scotland at the age of 11 even though both his parents were alive. He emigrated to Canada at the age of 15. I am trying to research what life would have been like in care, as well as his circumstances before being placed there. S Joyce (Toronto, Canada)

The surname game

Why did the names Ozet, Ozat and Ossit in Fife disappear in the 1700s, to be replaced by Oswald? The last recorded Ozat marriage was in 1754, the last birth in 1759. I and K Oswald (Peeblesshire)

Without a trace

I AM trying to trace a relative who emigrated from Scotland in 1885. As he left under a cloud his destination is not known, but it was probably either America or Australia. I presume the only way of tracing him is via ships' passenger lists, but I have drawn a blank so far on the internet. Is there anywhere in Scotland that this information can be accessed? W MacKay (by e-mail)

Present in spirit

Q I HAVE found out that my great grandfather ran a pub in or around Kirkcaldy in the mid-19th century. Can I find out anything about him from Scottish licensing records? P McDowell (by e-mail)

Border crossings

In researching my family history it would appear that one of my ancestors travelled a lot, presumably on business. Would he have had to have a passport and if so where might I find details of this? I Wood (by e-mail)

Look up the relatives

I have done quite a lot of research into my family history but I don't know much about the area in Scotland that they seem to be from. What would be the best way to go about finding out more about this?

Charge sheets

Q I have discovered that one of my ancestors was a criminal. I have found references to certain documents but I'm not sure I understand what they refer to - for example, what is a precognition, what can I expect to find in the trial papers and will I find a transcript of the trial?

Back to school

Q I have found that an ancestor of mine attended a particular school at the beginning of the 20th century. Is it possible to find out about his time at school? M Dixon (by e-mail)

Defying conscription

Q There is a story in our family that my estranged great uncle was a conscientious objector in the First World War. Are there records that might help verify this? He was born and lived in the Aberdeen area. S Marshall (by e-mail)

Taxing questions

• I HAVE got back to the late 17th century with some of my ancestors, but I have now got stuck. Would taxation records help me?

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