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Joy brings delight to the Mod with boost for Gaelic language

JOY Dunlop, 23, a development officer for An Comunn Gaidhealach, was yesterday cited as an example of the benefits which the Mod can bring.

She started learning the language only ten years ago, as a result of entering the Mod, but has developed into such an accomplished speaker that she has been put forward this year as one of the adjudicators for today's competitions.

Ms Dunlop, who comes from Connel near Oban, has also been responsible for producing a CD, which is aimed at helping learners of the language to prepare for Mod competitions.


ORAL (LEARNERS) C49A (11-12)

1. Heather Fairley, Bunsgoil Chondobhrait; 2. Kimberley Cochrane, Port Ellen Primary; 3. Chirsty McFadyen, Dunoon Primary School.

C49 (9-10) (Cowal Trophy)

1. Eilidh Craig, Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir; 2. Beth Steven, Bunsgoil Chondobhrait; 3. Jordan Gibson.

C26A (7-8) 1. Calum Munro, Meadowburn Primary; 2. William MacSween, Royal School of Dunkeld; 3. Samuel Dow, Bunsgoil Ghidhlig Ghlaschu.

C26 (5-6) (Phemie Wilson Memorial Trophy) 1. Calum Docherty, Bunsgoil Chondobhrait; 2. Emily Robertson, Bunsgoil Chondobhrait; 3. Duncan MacLeod, Bonar Bridge Primary School.

C24A Conversation (7-8)

1. Kieran Spence, Bunsgoil Chondobhrait; 2. Calum Munro, Meadowburn Primary; 3


C102 Girls (13-15) (James C MacPhee Memorial Medal) 1. Kirsten Whitfield, Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir; 2. Eilidh Bell Ross, Dunoon Grammar School; 3. Lauren Gordon, Lochinver Primary.

C51A Girls (11-12) 1. Kara Edgar, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 2. Laura Davies, Cisir g Lochabair; 3. Krista MacInnes, Dunvegan Primary.

C51 (9-10) (Mrs Roderick B Munro Trophy) 1. Clare Campbell, Glasgow Islay Junior Gaelic Choir; 2. Amelia L Inglis, Kilninver; 3. Lydia Petersen, Glasgow Islay Junior Gaelic Choir.

C52 (9-10) (Dr Archie MacKinnon, Islay, Memorial Trophy) 1. Kevin Cameron, Cisir g Lochabair; 2. Steven McColl, Furnace Primary; 3. Calum Mitchell, Bunsgoil Chondobhrait.

Donald Macleod Trophy for Gaelic (C51 and C52) - Clare Campbell, Glasgow Islay Junior Gaelic Choir, and Amelia L Inglis, Kilninver.

C27A Boys and Girls (7-8)

1. Calum Munro, Meadowburn Primary; 2. William MacSween, Royal School of Dunkeld; 3. Keir Carmichael, Tobermory High School.

C27 Boys and Girls (5-6) (Joan Campbell Memorial Trophy)

1. Rory MacDiarmid, Bunsgoil Ghidhlig Ghlaschu. 2. Duncan MacLeod, Bonar Bridge Primary School. 3. Susan MacLeod.


C152 (16-18)

1. Rachael Kelly and Lorraine Kelly, Lochinver Primary; 2. Jenna Samborek and Sarah Cairns, Lochgilphead High. 3. Shona Keith and Amy Watt, Lochgilphead High.

C104 (13-15) (Donald Ross Memorial Trophy) 1. Megan Marshall and Katie Evamy, Tarbert Academy Primary; 2. Kirsten Paterson and Kirsty Dixon, Lochgilphead High.

C79 (under 13) (Angus MacTavish Memorial Trophy) 1. Kirsty Watt and Jane Duncan, Bunsgoil Lacasdal. 2. Erin Andrews and Niamh MacKaveney, Tarbert Academy Primary. 3. Ashley Ferguson & Mairi Campbell, Lochgilphead Primary.


C77 Two-Part Harmony (under 13) (Caledonian MacBrayne Trophy) 1. Coisir Og Lochabair.

C78 Puirt-a-beul (under 13) (Olive Campbell Trophy) 1. Coisir Og Lochabair; 2. Port Ellen Primary School Choir; 3. Bunsgoil Chondobhrait.

C03 Unison (Rural Primaries) (Badenoch and Strathspey Area Committee Trophy) 1. Port Ellen Primary School Choir; 2. Achaleven Junior Gaelic Choir; 3. Coisir Og Ath-Tharracaill.

C76 Unison (under 13) (Donald and Maimie MacPhail Trophy) 1. Coisir Og Lochabair; 2. Bunsgoil Chondobhrait; 3. Ravenscraig Primary.

Darlington Gaelic Society Silver Jubilee Trophy for Gaelic - Coisir Og Lochabair.

Morag Robb Memorial Trophy for Music - Coisir Og Lochabair.

Donald Morrison Memorial Award (C76, C77 and C78) - Coisir Og Lochabair.

C173 Unison (under 19) (Queen Elizabeth (1937) Coronation Trophy) 1. Coisir Ghaidhlig Loch-an-Inbhir; 2. Glasgow Islay Junior Gaelic Choir.

C174 Two-Part Harmony (under 19) (Tom Crawford Trophy) 1. Coisir Og Dhail Riata; 2. Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir.

C175 Puirt-a-beul (under 19) (Martin Wilson North Berwick Trophy) 1. Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir; 2. Coisir Og Dhail Riata.

Aggregate Prizes Iain Thomson Memorial Trophy for Gaelic - Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir. Alistair MacNeil (North Berwick) Trophy for Gaelic tutor - Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir.

East Kilbride District Council Trophy - Coisir Og Dhail Riata.

East Kilbride Highlanders Association Prize - Coisir Og Dhail Riata.


1. Daniel Geddis, Lochgilphead Primary; 2. Stuart Rankin, Bunsgoil Chondobhrait; 3. Jack Hammond, Bunsgoil Chondobhrait.


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