G20 Summit

G20 Summit

Police officer to face manslaughter charge over death of Ian Tomlinson

A POLICE officer will be charged with manslaughter over the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests, Britain's top prosecutor ruled today.

G20 urged to live up to promise to consumers

WORLD leaders must keep their promises to protect consumers from the "abusive" practices of the financial services industry, international campaigners have demanded.

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Analysis: In face of today's challenges, the response must be global

The world financial crisis has served as a quick and efficient catalyst to the G20. The first three G20 summits of chiefs of state, in Washington, London, and Pittsburgh, will be remembered for advancing multilateralism and co-ordinated global action. But the G20 remains very much a work in progress .

The week anarchy ruled . . and retailers cashed in

EDINBURGH was in the global spotlight for several days in the run-up to the staging of the G8 Summit at Gleneagles in 2005.

G20 death policeman set to face misconduct hearing

A RIOT squad officer filmed hitting a newspaper seller with his baton and pushing him to the ground could be sacked after being accused of gross misconduct.

Family set to challenge decision not to charge PC

SOLICITORS representing the family of Ian Tomlinson are set to challenge the decision not to charge a police officer over his death.

No charges against police over death of Ian Tomlinson during G20 protests

A RIOT squad officer filmed knocking Ian Tomlinson to the ground during the G20 protests will not be prosecuted over his death, it was announced today.

G20: World backs Britain over age of austerity

THE leaders of the world's top 20 economies have decided to adopt the British model in tackling the economic crisis. At the meeting of the G20 countries in Toronto, praise was heaped on Chancellor George Osborne's emergency Budget last week which sought to accelerate debt repayment.

Scottish G20 protester cleared of violence

A SCOTTISH G20 protester arrested at last year's City of London demonstration has been unanimously cleared of violent disorder after claiming that he was simply appealing to aggressive police.

Campaigners in rally for 'justice' over G20 death

THE family of a newspaper seller laid flowers at the spot where he died during the G20 protests a year ago and reaffirmed its demand for justice.

Riot officer who beat protester with metal baton cleared of assault

A RIOT squad officer who hit a G20 protester twice with a metal baton has ben cleared of assault.

G20 tragedy widow attacks Crown delay

THE widow of Ian Tomlinson, the man who died at the G20 protests, criticised the Director of Public Prosecutions yesterday for delay in deciding whether the police officer who apparently assaulted her husband should be charged with manslaughter.

Protester 'armed' with juice carton

A POLICEMAN struck a G20 protester twice with a metal baton after mistaking a carton of orange juice in her hand for a weapon, a court heard today.

Fine fare at the G20

THE world's leading finance ministers were being treated to a distinctly Scottish dinner as they settled in for the G20 summit last night.

Poor nations 'must stop blaming rich for emissions'

THE poor countries of the world cannot delay acting on global warming by blaming climate change on the rich, Chancellor Alistair Darling has warned ahead of a key meeting of G20 finance ministers in St Andrews today.

Bill Jamieson: G20 leaders at sea in the Wonderland of bonuses

WITH practice, the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland could come to believe six impossible things before breakfast. In the run-up to the G20 summit of world leaders at Pittsburgh this weekend, we are being asked to believe all manner of impossible, contradictory things – that the banking culture has changed, and that political rhetoric will curb bank bonuses.

G20 will discuss exit plan from fiscal stimulus

WORLD leaders are this week expected to agree an "exit strategy" for their unprecedented stimulus programmes amid signs of an upturn in the global economy.

G20 urges fat cat pay crackdown

A GLOBAL crackdown on bankers' pay was demanded by the world's top 20 industrial countries yesterday.

Call for G20 to protect poor nations from global crisis

G20 finance ministers have been urged to ensure poorer countries are properly protected from an economic crisis they "did nothing to cause".

34 police officers injured in G20 riot

MORE than 30 police officers were injured in clashes with demonstrators during the G20 meeting in London in April, it has emerged.

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