Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited

OFT to investigate Brightsolid takeover of Friends Reunited

BRIGHTSOLID, the Dundee firm which bought Friends Reunited from ITV for £25 million, has expressed disappointment at the Office of Fair Trading's decision yesterday to refer the acquisition to the Competition Commission.

Social network sites are no friends of ITV following £145m loss

IT WAS once worth a fortune, paving the way for an explosion in social networking websites, but Friends Reunited was sold yesterday for a fraction of its previous worth.

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Managers reunited

YOU'VE heard of "friends reunited" and "classmates reunited" – now we have "managers reunited".

Friends from '57 sought for class reunion

FORMER pupils of Tollcross Primary have been invited to attend a school reunion next month.

Tangled up in web of old friendships

IT is almost impossible to imagine the world without the internet. Online technology has changed forever how some things are done. Travel and shopping have not been so hugely affected since the invention of "the weekend", itself a product of the only previous Industrial Revolution, before which we were limited to a Biblical seventh day off only.

Troubled ITV hopes to get by with a little help from Friends Reunited

ITV boss Charles Allen has had to grow a thick skin since taking over last year at the helm of the broadcasting giant. He has had to contend with a decline in ITV1's market share, regular takeover speculation and the recent ignominy of seeing ITV1's much-hyped summer schedule, including Celebrity Love Island and Celebrity Wrestling, being ridiculed after failing to achieve the expected ratings boost.

Friends Reunited founders net £30m in sale to ITV

THE husband and wife team who set up the Friends Reunited website have netted £30 million after selling the company to ITV.

ITV logs on to Reunited site in £120m deal

BROADCASTING giant ITV today unveiled a £120 million takeover deal for Friends Reunited in a move that will boost the fortunes of the website's founders.

List grows of potential bidders for Friends Reunited

TRINITY Mirror has been added to the potential list of those interested in bidding for website operator Friends Reunited, according to weekend reports.

Founders of Friends Reunited set for £40m sale bonanza

FRIENDS Reunited, the website that has helped millions of nostalgic thirty- and forty-somethings get back in touch with their schoolmates, could soon be up for sale, making millions of pounds for the husband-and-wife team which created it.

Lazy Guide to Net Culture: That Was Me

If you want to appear like you’re at the cutting edge of net culture but can’t be bothered to spend hours online, then never fear.’s pathetic team of geeks, freaks and gimps will do the hard work for you. While you sip wine, read a book or engage in normal social interaction, they will burn out their retinas staring at badly designed web pages and dodge creeps in chatrooms to prepare for you:’s lazy guide to net culture.

Websites 'add to divorce rate'

THE popularity of Friends Reunited and similar websites is partly to blame for rising divorce rates, a leading counselling group has claimed. signs Friends Reunited deal

GLASGOW-based has signed a lucrative deal to supply its digital character technology to Friends Reunited. The contract continues the success of "weemees" - a digital representation of the online user which can be used to talk with other visitors to the website.

Putting a face to the name on Friends Reunited

GLASGOW-BASED has signed a lucrative deal to supply its digital character technology to Friends Reunited, the cult website that allows old school friends to keep in touch.

Old school ties

Friends Reunited has never held much appeal for me.

Discount prison sentences at courts

Offenders can expect to be rewarded with up to a third off their sentence if they plead guilty at the first time of asking, following a landmark ruling by the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Friends Reunited 'not for sale'

FOUNDERS of Friends Reunited, the website which reunites old school friends, are to keep hold of the £25 million-rated venture and expand internationally.

Voice from past pops the question

TWO childhood sweethearts from Edinburgh will today become the first Scottish couple believed to have married after tracing each other through the popular Friends Reunited website.

Unprecedented legal challenge could transform internet

A RETIRED schoolteacher who made history by successfully suing a former pupil for libel is now planning a legal action against website Friends Reunited in a challenge which threatens a major shake-up of the internet industry.

The law closes in on internet gossips

JIM Murray, a retired teacher, decided to log on to Friends Reunited out of a mixture of curiosity and nostalgia. It had been 19 years since he taught modern languages at his old school and he wondered whether anyone would remember him.

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