Fresh talent initiative

Fresh talent initiative

Immigration idiocy

IF EVER there was a clear case for distinctively Scottish solutions to distinctively Scottish problems, then it can be found in Thomas Legendre's story. As we report in our news pages today, this celebrated writer faces having to leave Scotland – the country where he has lived for eight years and fathered a son and a daughter with his wife Allyson – because of the UK Border Agency's unnecessarily harsh interpretation of immigration rules.

Visa rules threaten to split family

AN ACCLAIMED writer whose work has been performed by the Scottish National Theatre is being thrown out of the country by immigration officials in a decision that threatens to split his family apart.

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Employers 'turning to new immigrant wave'

A NEW wave of foreign workers in the UK are taking over jobs from previous immigrants who have settled in, according to new research.

Poland's 'new Scots' urged to book place in May poll

SCOTLAND'S 40,000 Polish immigrants are being urged to take up their right to vote, with just 100 days remaining before the May elections.

SNP's emotive plea to young Scots to stay in country

GRADUATES and other young Scots should stay in the country after completing their education instead of seeking work elsewhere, the Scottish National Party said yesterday.

Curbs on East Europeans 'will hit employers'

STRICT curbs on the number of Bulgarians and Romanians allowed to work in the UK will leave employers struggling to fill key vacancies, Scotland's biggest recruiter of staff from Eastern Europe warned yesterday.

Claim Scots suffer as more Poles need services

POLISH migrants are preventing native Scots from accessing local authority services, an official report says.

Fair trade as family swaps US for remote isle

A FAMILY will give up their home in upstate New York later this month to start a new life on the most remote inhabited island in Britain.

Don't turn from Scotland in wake of murder, McConnell urges Poles

JACK McConnell appealed to Poles yesterday not shun Scotland because of the murder of Polish student Angelika Kluk.

Immigration drive hijacked

FRAUDSTERS have hijacked the Scottish Executive's flagship policy set up to persuade immigrants to come to Scotland.

Why we must keep Bulgaria's baggage out

ON 1 January, 2007, Bulgaria and Romania will become the 26th and 27th members of the European Union. This is very good news for Vladi Tsankov, an investigating magistrate in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. Earlier this month, Mr Tsankov was caught soliciting a bribe from two miscreants suspected of defrauding the Bulgarian inland revenue. He wanted the equivalent of £20,000 to make the fraud case "disappear".

Conference announced on Dundee's migrant workers

A CONFERENCE to discuss the implications of Scotland's fast-growing population of migrant workers in Dundee takes place this Thursday.

Economic impact of immigrants in the spotlight

THE economic impact of Scotland's growing migrant worker population is to be discussed at a conference in Dundee on Wednesday, to determine how policy should change.

English keep the Shetland dialect alive

THEIR parents moved in from England, but within a generation they are sounding more Scots than the natives.

Flood of workers from Europe prompts policy review

Key quote "These figures make it all the more urgent that the government takes an early decision and stops ducking and diving on the issue of Bulgaria and Romania entering the EU," - Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister

Poles just the ticket to solve bus driver drought

DOZENS of new Polish bus drivers are helping Lothian Buses stave off a shortage in workers.

'Immigration could pay for soaring costs of pensions'

A HUGE upturn in immigration to the UK might be needed to stem the country's pensions crisis, a controversial new report claims today.

Shock report reveals the exploitation of immigrant workers

MANY of the immigrant workers pouring into Scotland endure low wages, long hours and substandard accommodation.

Health minister highlights benefits of Polish dentists

THE impact of recruiting foreign workers was highlighted yesterday when the health minister visited a hospital that has seen the benefit of employing dentists from Poland.

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