Masons lodge a complaint about £100,000 power bill

A MASONIC club is preparing to battle energy giant British Gas – after being hit with an electricity bill for more than £100,000.

A not so secret history

ROBERT COOPER and I step out of Freemason's Hall into Edinburgh's George Street, the central strand of James Craig's New Town grid plan of 1766. Cooper is curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and he starts pointing out a Freemasonic townscape.

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US masons rev up to attract members

IT'S A very public move from a traditionally secretive and mysterious organisation. But concerned by an ageing membership, America's most senior freemasons have decided on a bold new strategy: advertising.

Esoteric secrets, Scottish Freemasonry and the building of the American dream

DAN BROWN'S next book The Solomon Key is said to speculate on the role and influence of Freemasonry. In much the same way that The Da Vinci Code has its climax in Rosslyn Chapel, it may well be that the best-selling author's latest work will also find its roots in Scotland.

Masons square up to tourists

FREEMASONS have joined Scotland's tourism drive with a bid to attract visitors to their key sites.

Question on Masonic links left Dunblane inquiry chief stunned

LORD Cullen, who presided over the Dunblane inquiry, was "taken aback" when he was asked to declare whether he was a Freemason, newly released papers have revealed.

Priest to quit as freemasons' leader

THE head of Scotland's freemasons is to stand down from the post after only a year, it emerged yesterday.

Bid to bar clergy from Masons

A PETITION calling for legislation to bar clergy in the Scottish Episcopal Church from membership of the Freemasons is due to be considered by MSPs.

Masons were trail-blazers in race relations

IT IS an organisation that is linked in the minds of many with elitism, secrecy and protecting the establishment, but new research suggests that the Freemasons may once have blazed a trail in the world of race relations.

City's secretive hall opens to the public

FOR two centuries, it was the Merchant City’s secret, an architectural gem so exclusive that entry to its salons made the Freemasons look as if they operated an open-doors policy.

Masons out to woo MSPs

THE Freemasons, one of Scotland’s most secretive organisations, is enticing new members by advertising in a magazine aimed at politicians.

Freemasons deny MSP recruiting bid

SCOTLAND’S freemasons today denied hoping to recruit members by advertising in a magazine read by Holyrood politicians.

Gun blunder kills mason

A MASONIC initiation ritual ended in tragedy when a man was shot in the head and killed with a gun thought to contain blanks.

Masons to reveal secret list of names

THEY are thick brown ledgers that wouldn’t look out of place in a Harry Potter film. The huge tomes - each containing around 500 yellowing pages crammed with densely-packed, handwritten information - are so heavy some staff are banned from attempting to lift them.

Masons to catalogue conspiracy theories

Robert Cooper is a mason - and he wants to make it clear that he did not kill Princess Diana, sink the Titanic, start the French Revolution. Further, he has no immediate plans to take over the world.

Masons hit roof over lead theft

MASONS have been left furious by a gang of thieves using their lodge roof to stockpile stolen lead.

Masons set to climb for child

LOTHIAN freemasons are planning to climb Ben Nevis to raise cash for a five-year-old boy who suffers from a debilitating condition.

Bridge campaigner questions judges' masonic links

THE administration of justice in Scotland, from the Dunblane inquiry to the Lockerbie trial, could have been corrupted by a "secret brotherhood" among judges, it was alleged yesterday.

Many Kirk members still Masons despite earlier call to 'think again'

FREEMASONRY is still common in the Church of Scotland despite calls more than a decade ago for Kirk members to "reconsider" their position with the secret organisation.

Masters of their craft

IN THE dark days of post Hogmanay January, the only real excuse we have for a party is on the 25th, when we celebrate the birth and life of Robbie Burns. It’s a night filled with ceremony and ritual, which would have been familiar to Burns in his role as perhaps the world’s most famous Freemason.

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