Freedom of information

Freedom of information

Scotland risks being a more secretive state than England

MINISTERS have come under pressure to ensure Scotland does not "lag behind" the rest of Britain over freedom of information laws, after the UK government unveiled plans to extend legislation.

Minister denies danger of information overload

PLANS to make more data publicly available have been branded "freedom of information 2.0" by the minister responsible for the revamp.

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Scotland 'falling behind' as Freedom of Information plans are ditched

SCOTLAND is in danger of "falling behind" in its approach to legislation aimed at increasing transparency and openness in public life, the country's Information Commissioner has warned.

Business chiefs warn over extension to FoI

BUSINESS organisations have hit out at government moves to extend Freedom of Information (FoI) obligations to private firms involved in public sector contracts.

SNP appeals over BBC's freedom of information knockback

THE SNP has appealed to the UK Information Commissioner over the BBC's refusal to release details of talks held with the three major UK parties on the leaders debate.

Bit more freedom of information from council

A COUNCIL has become the first in Scotland to put every Freedom of Information (FOI) request it receives – and the responses – on its website.

How might the information act have changed path of history?

SCOTTISH public authorities have been working with the Freedom of Information Act for five years and have disclosed details to members of the public on a range of subjects, from expenses and finances to correspondence and planning.

What civil servants don't want you to know (rather a lot, actually)

THE Scottish Government has been accused of routinely rejecting valid requests under freedom of information laws.

Fear of funding cuts is stifling freedom of information requests

VOLUNTARY sector workers are fearful of submitting freedom of information (FoI) requests in case they damage working relationships or put their funding at risk, university research has shown.

Appeal threat over MPs' expenses bid

HOUSE of Commons managers are considering whether to launch an appeal after losing a High Court battle to keep secret details of MPs' expenses.

Public denied information by gaps in law, says Dunion

MEMBERS of the public are not getting access to important information about their public services because private contractors are exempt from Freedom of Information legislation, the Scottish Information Commissioner claimed yesterday.

On the spot: Kevin Dunion, Freedom of Information Commissioner

What's the strangest FoI request you have come across?

Freedom of Information Act 'affecting good government'

A SENIOR Cabinet minister fears that the Freedom of Information Act is "placing good government at risk" by forcing sensitive papers to be disclosed.

Freedom of information queries hit by delays

NEARLY one fifth of freedom of information requests made to the city council are not responded to on time.

No hiding place as plans to extend Freedom of Information unveiled

A HOST of organisations, including independent schools, charities and even the Faculty of Advocates could be forced to conform to the rules of the Freedom of Information Act, it emerged yesterday.

End this culture of secrecy

MORE than 17 years ago, the Westminster parliament passed a law that opened courts so that non-lawyers could conduct litigation in certain circumstance - but this legislation has never been put into effect in Scotland.

Citizens embrace their right to know

THE Freedom of Information Act is arguably one of the most successful pieces of legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament. Consider the evidence: 73 per cent of the Scottish public say they have heard of their new right to know. Thousands of requests for information have been made to Scotland's public authorities - the majority by ordinary citizens. In the vast majority of cases, Scotland's public authorities are providing such information free of charge, within 20 working days.

£350,000 for passport woes

FRUSTRATED travellers have received more than £350,000 in compensation for blunders by UK passport offices over the past three years, it was revealed yesterday.

Hibs owner in demand for answers to land sale

SIR TOM FARMER is demanding answers over a controversial £12 million deal which saw Hibs miss out on sought-after land they wanted to develop to fund a new stand and community facilities.

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