France's beef ban

France's beef ban

EU imports of Brazil beef fall 40%

BEEF production in Brazil continues to expand at a remorseless pace, with the latest forecast revolving around claims that output from the country's 220 million cattle - which accounts for 20 per cent of all beef cattle in the world - could increase sill further.

Why the EU must ban all Brazilian beef imports

BRAZIL is a vast country. It covers 8.5 million square kilometres - that's 32 times the size of the UK - and has a population of 160 million. It also boasts the fastest growing beef production industry in the world.

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Irish farmers may have a beef with political decisions

LIFE looks set to be different for the farming community in Northern Ireland when the assembly convenes at Stormont on 8 May.

Call for EU to update beef-on-bone rules

ONE of the immediate consequences of the BSE crisis in March 1996 was a total ban on all sales of beef from cattle aged over 30 months.

Give up headage hope, beef farmers warned

FARMERS who run large herds of breeding cattle were yesterday warned by the National Beef Association that they should not pin their hopes on the European Commission reintroducing a range of support measures to maintain supplies of beef.

EU beef sector faces import 'crisis'

INDUSTRY leaders were putting a brave face on their forecasts for the future of the red meat industry at the Meat and Livestock Commission's annual outlook conference in London yesterday, only for top Irish pundit Matt Dempsey to dash their hopes.

Carelessness is putting beef exports at risk, farmers told

DOWNRIGHT carelessness on the part of farmers when disposing of cows born before August 1996 could threaten the continuation of beef exports to mainland Europe, according to the National Beef Association.

Finnie in Paris to promote 'rebirth' of Scotch beef

ROSS Finnie, Scotland's food minister, is continuing his efforts - "A tough job but someone has to do it," he said recently - to promote red meat exports by attending an international food and drink exhibition in Paris.

Retailers must state beef source

SUPERMARKETS and other large retailers in England and Wales, with Scotland set to fall in line, face the prospect of prosecution by Trading Standards and Environmental Health Departments if they fail clearly to differentiate beef by country of origin.

Minister urges stronger links in Scotland's food supply chain

SCOTLAND'S food minister outlined his vision for a successful industry yesterday as organisers of the Royal Highland Show he was visiting homed in on a "buy local, eat local" theme.

German farmer to receive Highland cows 16 years late

A GERMAN farmer is finally to take delivery of eight Highland cows, 16 years after he ordered them from the Hebrides.

Beef row escalates as NBA throws out Scots 'renegades'

IN A race for the moral high ground at an emergency general meeting yesterday, the National Beef Association (NBA) dissolved its Scottish council.

Monaco buys from 'old friends' again

SCOTCH beef is back on the European menu after the lifting of the ten-year export ban this month, with residents of Monaco the latest to savour what Scots claim is "the best beef in the world".

Protests as exports of veal calves resume

THE first live calves to be exported from Britain for more than ten years left Dover yesterday to be reared for veal in Holland and Belgium.

Scottish beef back on menu on Continent

THE first consignment of Scotch beef to be exported to Europe in ten years was leaving the country today.

Beef export ban removal not without costs

REMOVAL of the decade-long British beef export ban next week is mainly good news for beef farmers.

NBA says exports will lift beef prices 20%

THE chairman of the National Beef Association stuck his neck out yesterday by forecasting that beef prices would rise by 20 per cent soon after the beef export ban ends on 3 May.

Lean times lie ahead despite lifting of beef ban

THE mood was one of cautious optimism at the annual conference of the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers in Edinburgh on Saturday.

Euro-vets give the nod to UK beef exports

EUROPE'S veterinary experts today unanimously approved the ending of the worldwide ban on British beef exports imposed ten years ago because of mad cow disease.

Beef exports hope as date set for end to ban

BEEF from older cattle will return to Britain's shops and catering outlets on 7 November after a nine-year ban.

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