Fox bites off man's nose and fingers in cemetery

A MAN who blacked out in a village cemetery had his nose and fingers bitten off in a suspected fox attack.

Boy 'bitten by fox' at school

A YOUNG boy was treated in hospital after a report that he had been attacked by a fox, police confirmed yesterday.

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Golf club under attack over shooting of foxes

ANIMAL rights campaigners have condemned a golf club for hiring marksmen to shoot foxes that are damaging the greens.

Pro-hunt campaigners welcome court judgment on ban

THE Countryside Alliance has welcomed a High Court ruling on the definition of hunting that it says will make it harder to prosecute huntsmen successfully under the government's ban.

Fearless foxes sneaking into city shops in broad daylight

THEY are not the kind of customers which the Capital's shops expected to attract when they started their Christmas sales.

Brush with danger as foxes enter homes

FOXES are sneaking into homes in the Capital in an increasingly desperate search for food after bin bags were taken off the streets.

Hunters kill 800 foxes

ABOUT 800 foxes have been killed since the law banning hunting with hounds came into force five weeks ago.

Season starts for defiant fox hunters

AROUND 150,000 people are expected to turn out across Britain today for the start of the new fox-hunting season in a show of defiance over the proposed ban on the sport.

Pensioner attacked by fox in her back garden

AN elderly woman was attacked by a fox when she went into her garden late at night to feed her pet.

Fox-attacks inquiry given the brush off

CITY leaders have rejected demands for a probe into fox attacks in the Capital, dismissing the proposal as a "waste of time".

Results split in fox phone poll

EVENING News readers are divided on whether the city council should examine ways of controlling the Capital’s fox population.

City urged to act on urban foxes menace

COUNCIL chiefs have been urged to investigate fox control methods after it emerged dozens of pets across the Capital have been attacked.

Alarm as city foxes kill pets for food

PET owners were warned today to lock-up their animals after a huge rise in fox attacks in the Capital.

Girl, 4, is bitten as fox creeps up to her bedroom

A SLEEPING four-year-old girl was attacked by a fox when the animal crept into her house and made its way into her upstairs bedroom.

Family cat dies after savaging by foxes

FOXES savaged an Edinburgh family’s pet cat in their back garden and left it so badly injured it had to be put down.

Family pets at risk from hungry urban foxes

FAMILY pets are at increased risk from attack, as Edinburgh’s urban foxes are forced into a desperate search for food following the introduction of wheelie bins.

Starving foxes on prowl for your pet

GLIMPSES of Edinburgh’s urban foxes have delighted hundreds of families who have spied them venturing into their gardens.

Police foxed by car vandals

POLICE have identified the culprits responsible for attacks on car brakes but will let them off scot-free - because they are foxes.

25,000 foxes killed in cull

MORE than 25,000 foxes have been killed in four weeks in an Australian state after a bounty was put on their tails.

Brush with danger

PABLO is a little red fox. He lives in a big city, makes friends with the other animals, has exciting adventures and then goes home to bed.

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