Forth Bridges

Forth Bridges

Mix-up leads to bridge jams

SCORES of motorists were caught up in huge traffic jams on the Forth Road Bridge at the weekend after the FETA mobile website, phone line and text messaging service provided wrong information.

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Bridge bus lane plans shot down

PLANS to turn the Forth Road Bridge into a "public transport corridor" have been undermined after it emerged many bus companies could choose to use the new £1.7 billion crossing instead.

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£1.6m bridge barriers to stop wind toppling trucks

BOSSES at the Forth Road Bridge are preparing to spend £1.6 million shielding high-sided vehicles from heavy winds.

Lorries lose Forth Road Bridge parking space

The Forth Road Bridge car park will permanently close to heavy goods vehicles later this year, it has been announced.

Salmond's tram anger

Alex Salmond has spoken of his "fury" over Edinburgh's trams project.

Living under Bridge's shadow

IT'S the most expensive civil engineering project ever carried out in Scotland and one of the most costly bridges ever constructed anywhere.

Call to deliver Forth crossing 'efficiently'

LEADING engineers today called for the "efficient delivery" of the new Forth crossing and the tram project to help kick-start growth.

SNP plans for Forth bridge 'savings' come under fire

Plans by the SNP to use "savings" from the new Forth road bridge to set up a £250 million Scottish Futures Fund have been dismissed as "simply unbelievable".

Span fans' big demand

ENGINEERING enthusiasts have "overwhelmed" operators of the Forth Road Bridge with their demand for a guided tour of the ageing structure.

Alex Salmond says the new Forth crossing will boost economy

HARNESSING green energy and investing in projects such as the new Forth crossing will "reindustrialise" Scotland, Alex Salmond declared yesterday.

Salmond: New Forth crossing is 'a bridge to recovery'

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond dubs the new Forth crossing "Scotland's Bridge of Recovery" in his televised response to the UK Budget tonight.

Three more Scottish sites on heritage shortlist

SCOTLAND'S northern wilderness, the Forth Bridge and Shetland's Iron Age ruins are to be put forward as potential new World Heritage sites.

New Forth bridge may be built under budget by £700m

The new Forth Road Bridge could be built for up to £700 million less than original estimated.

Profile: German giant heads team

THE consortium that will build the new Forth bridge is led by German firm Hochtief Construction, one of the leading international providers of construction-related services, with more than 66,000 employees.

John Carson: Procurement process pushes costs up over the odds

MANY people think we're paying a very high price for this bridge due to the way we are procuring it.

In pictures: Giant crane squeezes under Forth bridges

THE UK's biggest crane passed under the Forth bridges today on its way to Rosyth - but only just.

MSP claims Forth crossing cost 'cover-up'

The amount of money the Scottish government could be forced to pay if work on a new bridge across the Forth damages an underground pipeline has been covered-up, an MSP claimed today.

Forth Road Bridge traffic levels on rise

TRAFFIC levels on the Forth Road Bridge are continuing to grow, according to figures released by its operator.

Third Firth of Forth Bridge to Fife is tough call

IF THE Scottish Government does decide to look for a more memorable name for the bridge, here are some suggestions.

Forth Replacement Crossing? No thanks!

THE names alone of many bridges around the world evoke a sense of scale and grandeur. The Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Forth Bridge, more than 120 years after it opened, are redolent of engineering brilliance.

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