Forestry is a true growth industry in many ways

Despite other sectors of the UK economy running into difficulties in recent times, commercial forestry property has risen in value dramatically since 2002, with a 138 per cent increase in prices, an average annual lift of 17 per cent.

Expert gives call to action over mass forest loss

THE secretary general of the Commonwealth gave a "call to arms" for the world to tackle deforestation at the start of a major conference in Edinburgh yesterday.

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Survey plan maps out first batch of Scottish woodlands

A PIONEERING six-year survey of Scotland's native woodlands has reached its first milestone.

Plant foreign trees 'to save our forests'

SCOTTISH forests should be replanted with Lebanon cedars, Italian elders and Macedonian pines and not native species, according to a leading expert in a Forestry Commission study.

Pringle praises trees gesture

EDINBURGH South Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Pringle has praised the generosity of the Forestry Commission in spreading festive cheer by providing all 129 MSPs with a Christmas tree to donate to a worthy local cause.

Scots forests at risk from blight and killer moths

PESTS and diseases are set to spread through Scotland's forests as a result of climate change, with potentially devastating impacts, a report has warned.

We haven't given up on land sell-off, insist SNP

A SELL-OFF of public land to pay for new forests is still on the Scottish Government's agenda, MSPs were told yesterday.

Scottish Woodlands keeps growing

SCOTTISH Woodlands, the forestry management and timber harvesting business, has carved out a "solid" full-year performance including a 12 per cent rise in turnover to £45.9 million.

Money will grow on trees but is renting out our forests a good idea?

THEY cover ten per cent of the land in Scotland and are crucial for wildlife, recreation, tourism and jobs. So plans by the Scottish Government to lease a quarter of the forests it owns to private firms have sparked huge concern.

Oaks rooted in 700 years of Scots history

ITS massive, gnarled and cracked trunk quickly splits into strangely twisted branches that hang heavy with dead wood. This ancient oak is showing its age.

Helicopters fly in to tackle fire

FORESTRY workers and firefighters were yesterday trying to contain woodland and grass fires in Scotland.

Forest fires burn out of control

FORESTRY workers and firefighters were yesterday trying to contain woodland and grass fires in Scotland.

Strong backing for estate takeover

THE Forestry Commission has received strong support in its bid to be the next owner of the Cairngorm Estate, which includes the ski area and funicular railway.

Money grows on trees for forestry sector

SCOTLAND'S forestry industry adds £960 million to the country's economy, according to a new report published today on the UK's forestry industry.

How to see the wood for the trees from an economic perspective

THERE'S more to Britain's trees than meets the eye. That's what David Crichton thought when he became chief executive of the Confederation of Forest Industries (ConFor) almost two years ago and today he has the backing of an independent report to prove it.

Scots to have their say on nation's woods

PEOPLE in the Capital are being given the chance to have their say on the future of the nation's woods and forests.

Taking wind out of deforestation

SCIENTISTS at Edinburgh University have discovered Scotland's depleted natural woodlands may be better equipped to reverse the effects of deforestation than was previously thought.

Bid to bite back at bug problem

THEY are barely a centimetre tall, but scientists have cursed them as the single biggest threat to Scotland's forests.

Forestry industry fears mass job losses

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into the future of the forestry industry amid fears that plans to generate energy from renewable sources could lead to large-scale job losses.

Wood you believe it

THE Forestry Commission has just published Forestry Statistics 2005, an annual publication presenting statistics on woodland, forestry and primary wood processing in the United Kingdom.

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