Forest and hill fires

Forest and hill fires

Raging wildfire nears coastal Australian town

Australia: Firefighters today struggled to contain a wildfire which is burning near a coastal town where deadly blazes killed nine people last year.

500 evacuated as US wildfire threat grows

Oregon: About 500 people who live in the centre of the state were ordered to evacuate as a wildfire started by lightning threatened 200 homes in the towns of Crossroads and Edgington.

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Cliff gorse blaze

POLICE, firefighters and the coastguard worked together yesterday to put out a major scrub fire.

100 flee as huge heath fire rages in Dorset

A MAJOR fire swept Canford Heath in Dorset last night leading to about 100 people being forced to flee their homes. Up to 170 firefighters were called in to tackle the blaze on 250 acres of land.

Six die as raging wildfire sweeps northern Texas

A RAGING 300,000-acre wildfire in northern Texas has killed six people, in one of the biggest blazes in the state's history.

Wildfire rages over LA hills

MORE than 3000 firefighters have been battling against a 16,000-acre wildlife which has raged in hills and canyons in Los Angeles.

Fire ravages rainforest

FIRES have devoured an estimated 1.1 million acres of Amazonian rainforest and pasture in Bolivia, prompting the government to declare a state of emergency in two provinces.

Portugal feels heat as more wildfires flare

MORE than 1000 firefighters are battling flames in northern and central Portugal as wildfires continue to flare up following blazes that consumed hundreds of acres of land in the past months.

Firefighters die as forest fires sweep Spain

TWO firefighters died when at least ten forest fires swept across tinder-dry landscapes as temperatures across Spain reached 42 Celsius (107.6 Fahrenheit).

5,000 flee as Hawaii bush fire rages

NEARLY 5,000 people in Hawaii were ordered to flee their homes to escape a bush fire that is burning out of control.

Thousands of firemen battle forest blazes in Portugal

MORE than 3000 firefighters battled 21 blazes in Portuguese forests late last night.

Barbecue party admit killer fire

A GROUP of day-trippers have confessed to starting the blaze that killed 11 firefighters in central Spain in the country's worst firefighting loss in years.

Cabinet holds crisis talks on how to halt Spain's killer forest fire

POLICE yesterday recovered the blackened corpses of 11 volunteer firefighters who died after being trapped by a forest fire which raged for a third day in parched central Spain.

Spanish forest blaze kills 14 firemen

FOURTEEN firefighters were killed yesterday tackling a massive forest blaze that forced hundreds of people to flee their villages in drought-stricken Spain.

Authorities battle large forest fire in southern France

AUTHORITIES cleared six campgrounds in southern France yesterday as a precaution while firefighters battled a large forest fire that officials said appeared to have been deliberately set.

Town in danger as 19 wildfires blaze across seven states

A WILDFIRE that quadrupled in size within a few hours was yesterday threatening to engulf a small town in Utah.

Forest blaze in North Korea

A FOREST fire fanned by winds swept across eastern South Korea yesterday, forcing the evacuation of some 1,800 people as helicopters battled the flames that also destroyed a 1,300-year-old Buddhist temple, 30 houses and 120 acres of forest.

California death toll up

FIREFIGHTERS contained the largest of southern California’s wildfires last night as the death toll rose to 22.

Wildfires set to be contained

THE wildfires which ravaged parts of southern California were expected to be surrounded and contained today.

Wildfires recede as weather turns

RESIDENTS began returning to their homes in parts of southern California yesterday as a change in the weather helped fire fighters tackle the massive blazes that have swept through the state over the last ten days.

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