Foot and mouth

Foot and mouth

Learning lessons on coping with major outbreak of disease

MEMORIES of the world's worst ever epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), which hit the UK on 23 February, 2001, still remain painful to farmers everywhere.

'Whitewash' on foot and mouth payouts

THE government was yesterday accused of a "whitewash" after refusing to compensate Scottish farmers who lost out because of a foot-and-mouth outbreak at a state laboratory in England.

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'Urgent need' for new foot-and-mouth plan

CROSS-BORDER plans to tackle future outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease are needed as "a matter of urgency", the Prime Minister was told yesterday.

True scale of sheep losses revealed

ALL the UK farming organisations have made it clear for many months that they intend to pursue the government for compensation for the full losses incurred as a result of the foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in August and early September of 2007.

Farmers will take FMD battle all the way

THE technical and veterinary issues surrounding the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Surrey during August and early September may have been resolved with all movement restrictions being at an end for some time, but the matter will not be allowed to rest until those alleged to be at fault are called upon to explain how this disaster was allowed to happen.

EU ready to ban Brazil beef imports after vets' visit

IT LOOKS highly probable that the European Commission will impose at least a partial ban on imports of beef from Brazil following mounting concerns about the perceived lack of control over foot-and-mouth disease, the inadequacy of the vaccination programme and the lack of full traceability on cattle movements.

Sheep farmers to get foot-and-mouth cash within week

SCOTTISH sheep farmers affected by the foot-and-mouth outbreak are expected to receive emergency payments within the next week after the European Commission approved the scheme.

Fears over foot-and-mouth leak

FARMERS yesterday said they were "extremely concerned" about a "probable" new leak of foot-and-mouth disease.

New foot and mouth scare at animal site

A "PROBABLE" new leak of foot and mouth disease has been discovered at the Merial Animal Health facility in Pirbright, Surrey, Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said today.

Exports can return to normal after EU declares Scotland disease-free

GOOD news in the livestock sector has been thin on the ground since foot-and-mouth disease was confirmed on 3 August: prices for sheep, pigs and cattle subsequently collapsed.

Brussels delays aid for farmers

AID payments to farmers affected by the foot-and-mouth crisis have been held up by Brussels, it was revealed yesterday.

£25m lifeline for hill farmers in the wake of foot-and-mouth outbreak

SCOTLAND'S farmers will receive £25 million to compensate for losses caused by foot-and-mouth and made worse by an "unsympathetic" attitude at Westminster, Richard Lochhead, the Holyrood environment secretary, said yesterday.

Scots farmers abandon hope of Westminster foot-and-mouth pay-out

SCOTTISH farmers have given up negotiating with UK ministers over compensation for the foot-and-mouth crisis, as the rift between Westminster and the Scottish Government over welfare pay-outs deepened.

Foot-and-mouth curbs are eased

ALL movement restrictions imposed by the Scottish Government for the foot-and-mouth disease scare were lifted from midnight last night.

Anger after Westminster 'washes hands' of farms crisis

FARMING leaders last night accused Hilary Benn, the UK environment secretary, of "washing his hands" of a Scottish crisis as their pleas for compensation were rebuffed.

Unnecessary human cost of foot-and-mouth

I RECENTLY watched a television documentary about the First World War. It portrayed respected generals employing tactics from previous battles because they knew no different, sending wave after wave of loyal, trusting men to their almost certain deaths in search of victory. It was done with the best intentions and tacticians offering the best advice, and did bring ultimate victory, but at terrible cost.

Whitehall papers to be vetted before being seen by Scottish civil servants as row over payments escalates

LABOUR ministers and political advisers in London will vet all Whitehall documents that are to be shared with the Scottish Government as cross-border relations plummeted to new depths in the wake of the cancelled farm payments row.

No progress on Brazil beef

TWO years ago to this very day a major outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease was, after weeks of suspicion, confirmed in three provinces in Brazil, one of the world's leading beef-producing countries, with a cattle population of more than 200 million - Scotland has just 1.9 million head.

Foot-and-mouth payouts for farmers dropped after U-turn on election

THE UK government was last night accused of playing politics with Scottish farmers' livelihoods as it was revealed plans for an £8.1 million compensation payout for foot-and-mouth disease were mysteriously scrapped after Gordon Brown decided not to call an election.

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