Food dye cancer scare

Food dye cancer scare

Warning over curry powder

ENVIRONMENTAL health officers have issued a fresh warning over illegal dye in batches of curry powder.

Food recall

ANOTHER three products contaminated with illegal dye have been withdrawn from sale, the Food Standards Agency said last night.

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19 more foods in cancer-risk dye scare

A FURTHER 19 food products are being withdrawn from sale because they contain spices contaminated with the illegal dye Para Red, the Food Standards Agency said yesterday.

Stores check more products for 'cancer' dye

SUPERMARKETS were today checking their shelves for another 35 food products containing Para Red.

Para Red scare

ANOTHER 35 products containing the illegal food dye Para Red are being withdrawn from sale, the Food Standards Agency said.

Spice imports to be checked after cancer-dye scare

Spice imports to be checked after cancer-dye scare

New health scare over dye in jars of paprika

THOUSANDS of jars of paprika have been removed from supermarket shelves after a potentially cancer-causing dye, similar to Sudan I, was discovered in a batch of the spice.

Cancer dye crisis stains Worcester sauce image

A FOOD safety crisis sparked by a cancer-causing dye has sent sales of certain products plummeting in high street supermarkets.

New cancer alert over food dye

THE Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued a warning yesterday over a red dye which has been linked to cancer.

Fresh food checks as new products listed in scare

NEW Europe-wide food import checks were ordered yesterday amid a fresh scare over the illegal cancer-causing dye Sudan 1.

It's vital we know what we're eating

WHEN we go to the supermarket, many of us pay a lot more attention to what we put in the trolley than we may have done in the past.

Probe call for Sudan 1 food scare

THE Government should launch an urgent inquiry into the food scare sparked by the use of the potentially cancer-causing dye Sudan 1 in a wide range of products, an influential Commons committee urged today.

Food scares spark rise in grocery bill

BRITISH shoppers are now spending a fifth of their income on food thanks to rocketing spending on top-of-the-range fare, according to a new survey.

Foods with outlawed dye still on sale in Edinburgh

SHOPS in the Capital have been caught selling foods banned during last month’s Sudan 1 cancer dye scare.

New list of dye-tainted food destined for schools and hospitals

SCHOOLS, hospitals and restaurants may have been serving food contaminated with a banned dye linked to cancer a month after the government was first alerted to the problem.

Food checks failed to ensure safety of imports

FOOD standards officials found "significant deficiencies" in systems used to check imported food at major UK ports and airports during inspections carried out before the Sudan 1 food scare.

Premier denies facing a Sudan drop in profit

PREMIER Foods, the company dogged by fears over the Sudan 1 food dye scare, today said it did not expect the alert to have a big impact on the group’s financial situation.

Health scare firm Premier bullish but faces £100m bill for food crisis

PREMIER Foods, the company at the centre of the Sudan 1 food scare, will fight to defend its reputation this week as doubts emerge about who will foot the bill for Britain’s biggest ever product recall.

City warns shops of dye foods blitz

SHOPS and restaurants in Edinburgh were today warned they face spot checks to ensure all products affected by the cancer-causing food colouring Sudan 1 are off the shelves.

Food dye scare grows as 146 products are added to recall list

A TOTAL of 474 products have now been recalled in the alert over the cancer-causing dye Sudan 1, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) said last night.

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