Fiona McCade

Fiona McCade

Fiona McCade: It's all about the trip, not the destination

Spoiler alert: this column contains information which may ruin your day. It's your choice: you can keep reading and risk having your day ruined, or stop now and spend all day wondering what might have happened. So what's it to be?

Fiona McCade: Goodbye razors and hello Retrosexuals

Elizabeth Hurley has a lot to answer for, and I'm not even talking about her acting. Those who remember her current beau, former cricketer Shane Warne, when he was a cheerful, scruffy, bloke's bloke will not recognise his current incarnation.

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Fiona McCade: TV's age limit only applies to women

DAVID Attenborough is brilliant. I love him.

Fiona McCade: Wedding invites you should always refuse

EVERYBODY loves a wedding. Especially my mother-in-law, who is about to embark on her fourth. You'd think that with all her experience of nuptials, organising the celebrations would be second nature by now, but the bizarre politics of the modern western marriage can catch out even the most professional bride.

Fiona McCade: Well, bile does have its uses I suppose

GIVE me five minutes and I could come up with a list of things I loathe that's longer than Simon Cowell's bank statement. In fact, I could happily start with Simon Cowell, followed swiftly by people who refuse to queue, Jimmy Tarbuck, Keira Knightley … the list goes on.

Fiona McCade: Time bandit is the guerrilla in our midst

THE worst thing my six-year-old can say about anything is that "it takes a long time". It's his harshest criticism.

Fiona McCade: Kate lets everyone dress like a princess

THE following snippet of information won't be news to any female readers, but girls, please hang on a minute while I bring the boys up to speed.

Fiona McCade: Would anyone like some spare royals?

WHAT has Canada ever done to anyone? Given how huge it is, it's ever so quiet and never causes a fuss about anything. Never invades, never demands to use your air space, never throws a hissy fit in the United Nations.

Fiona McCade: Honourable member barking up wrong tree

MAN has always fought - against himself - for the right to be treated fairly. In 1998, the UK government caught up with this powerful human need and enshrined the Human Rights Act (HRA) in law.

Fiona McCade: Sisters are doin' themselves down

JUST the other day, Sarah Jessica Parker was snapped by a paparazzo as she popped out to buy a newspaper. She was wearing - as you do - a tight mini-dress and high-heeled ankle-boots; her legs were bare and her hair was long and flowing free. Not bad for 46-years-old, you might think. But not everybody would agree.

Fiona McCade: Why I'm not sold on John Lewis revamp

Marketing can mean many things. It ought to mean getting your product out into the world in the most imaginative and exciting way possible. At its best, marketing is a creative and inspired way of communicating what you're selling to those who will want it, and also getting people to want it who might not have done otherwise. In fact, good, careful, intelligent marketing can set up a brand for several lifetimes.

Fiona McCade: Madonna ruined pop music for women

Do YOU remember Kate Bush? If you don't, Google her. She was talented, clever and beautiful, the writer of wonderful memorable songs, and a unique singer who also choreographed and performed her own material.

Fiona McCade: A chance for women to noise up status quo

You couldn't make it up. This Saturday, there will be a Reclaim the Night march in Edinburgh city centre. The march, raising awareness of violence against women and women's right to walk the streets unmolested at all times, was supposed to happen at night - there's a clue in the title - but the city council thought that was too dangerous.

Fiona McCade: The end of the world (again) and I feel fine

Are parakeets taking over Britain? Is buying tickets for the Olympics really worth the hassle? Does anybody give a flying Frenchman if Carla Bruni is pregnant? Is there anyone out there who knows why Kim Kardashian is famous?

Fiona McCade: Look at me - I have nothing to hide

BEFORE I start, I want to state once and for all that I am not having an affair with Jeremy Clarkson. Nor am I fooling about with any Premiership footballers, well-known actors, or indeed anybody with a household name.

Fiona McCade: At least it seems they are marrying for love

29 JULY 1981 is a memorable date for me. I celebrated the 159th anniversary of the abdication of King Charles X of France, as well as the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Socialist Party of America.

Fiona McCade: Chocolate capitalists are ruining my Easter

HAVE you ever felt exploited? OK, apart from every day at the petrol pumps? Believe it or not, there are some forms of callous manipulation that hurt even more than having to pay £1.35 a litre, and we're experiencing one right now.

Fiona McCade: Office chic should not include 'shriek'

There were five of us meeting for Saturday morning coffee. Four of us wore ordinary, casual clothes and a slick of lippie. The fifth turned up in full make-up, a bright turquoise Lycra mini-dress, slashed across the chest, with lace tights and sky-high heels.

Fiona McCade: Complete strangers can have a real Tweet

How do I look? It's a dangerous question. I usually only dare ask it when I'm pretty darn sure I look as good as humanly possible, as a kind of rhetorical way of squeezing a compliment out of someone.

Fiona McCade: Hats off to Kate (and not spangly pink ones)

To some people, my hen night may have seemed a teeny bit dull. Days before my wedding, my cousin and a friend turned up and said: "Whether you like it or not, we're taking you out for a drink". And like the crazy, madcap gal I am, I said: "OK."

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