Festival Diary

Festival Diary

Festival Diary: Runaway success Roadkill's youngest star takes top award

IT has been playing to some of the smallest audiences at the Fringe, but Roadkill, a hard-hitting play about sex trafficking into Scotland, has also proved to be the runaway hit of this year's festival.

Festival Diary: It's one man and his biro

One of the great traditions of the Fringe is revived tonight with Arthur Smith's moonlit tour of the Royal Mile.

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Festival diary: Katrina's big day at the Castle

AS IF a huge theatre spectacular wasn't enough to organise, Katrina Shields, company stage manager for The Gospel at Colonus, popped up to the Castle this week and got married outside St Margaret's Chapel.

Festival Diary: How Tetris, Twitter and Soviet history created a YouTube hit

Musical comedian Dan Woods has scored a startling YouTube hit. His Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Melody of Tetris, has notched up 190,000 views on the site this month — making it the 58th top-rated comedy video of all time.

Festival Diary: Weird and wonderful in running for Fringe's Hardee annual awards

THE memory of everyone's favourite Festival maverick continues to live on, thanks to the Fringe award named in his honour.

Festival diary: The Martians have landed, as an actor finds light relief in brotherly busking

HE HAS a key role in the powerful open-air Fringe play Decky Does a Bronco, which is being staged every night at Scotland Yard park in the New Town.

Festival Diary: Weston show serves up food for thought

PASSIONATE photography collectors Michael Mattis and Judith Hochberg are in the city this week from New York to celebrate the fine exhibition of Edward Weston's vintage prints at the City Art Centre.

Malkki is left holding the baby

CONDUCTOR Ilan Volkov has withdrawn from a major performance of Igor Stravinsky's Orpheus and Orpheus Rex due to the imminent arrival of his first child, the Edinburgh International Festival confirmed yesterday.

The Stand makes a stand

THE comedian Phil Nicol won the if.comedy award last year for his show The Naked Racist at the Stand. That appears to have cut no ice with Stand owner and long-time critic Tommy Sheppard. He has ruled out free tickets for roving judges for an award he thinks divides comedians and is a blatant commercial exercise.

Booker stars are booked in

SEVEN out of 13 authors on the Booker Prize long list are appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, it emerged yesterday.

Aching to help Fringe artistes

BAD BACK? He helped the late Bob Hope and treated Dr Who, David Tennant, on a "performance related" problem. Now Gavin Routledge has found his way into the Fringe handbook for performers as its recommended osteopath.

A fly 'Poster Menace' at work

A POSTER menace has been busy on the billboards. The small white review reports on posters plugging some comedy shows are not quite what they seem. "In the event of a fire occurring during the show be grateful as the performance will finish early," says a larger sticker on a poster for Ladies Monthly at the Pleasance. It is signed "the Poster Menace".

Feeling a little ticketed off

THROUGH gritted teeth yesterday, the Assembly admitted defeat over the new ticketing system introduced this year.

Festival Diary

Everyone's a winner! (Apart from all the shows that didn't win, obviously)

Festival Diary

Bad hair day

Festival Diary

Comic driven to drink

Festival Diary

Power! Unlimited power!

Vince, we're convinced

TO think we were getting all excited about running into Bernie Clifton, when it turns out that a proper Hollywood celebrity is in our midst. No, not Christian Slater, we mean Vince Vaughn, star of Starsky and Hutch and Swingers, who turned up the other night at the C venues bar.

Festival Diary

Prize could be yours

Cuckoo for soup

WANT to know what cured Christian Slater’s chicken pox? Chicken noodle soup - or so Keith Pham, owner of the China Palace restaurant in Bernard Street, Leith, would have us believe. Four bowls of it, to be exact, says Pham, who now carries a snap of himself with the Cuckoo’s Nest star in his mobile phone - tip, and he may show you.

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