Festival brief encounter

Festival brief encounter

Andrew Maxwell and Zoe Lyons

Introducing ... Andrew Maxwell nominated for the 2007 if.comedy award for his show Waxin', at the Pleasance Courtyard until 27 August.

Monkey and Bud

MONKEY: furry little misanthrope who stars alongside comedian Nina Conti in her show Complete and Utter Conti at the Pleasance Courtyard until 27 August.

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Christian McKay and Jonathan Hansler

ORSON WELLES: So Peter - how did you die?

Kahlil Ashanti and Daniel Beaty

Today, two men who are both at the Fringe with demanding one-man shows in which they play multiple characters - and who have both won Fringe First awards for their efforts. Hello to...

Markus Birdman and Harley Breen

Markus Birdman: How's it going?

Mark Olver and Al Pitcher

MARK OLVER: What is weird is that we didn't ever even discuss our shows, and they have almost identical themes.

Brief encounter

Every day we find two festival performers with something in common and send them on a date. Today, two women who have found friendship via the darkest of routes – both are performing Fringe shows about the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Introducing …

Lynn Manning and Maria Oshodi

Maria Oshodi: Even the title of your show fascinates me.

Stewart Lee and Jason Manford

STEWART LEE: We've both got shows that mention going to WeightWatchers.

Luke Wright and Murray Lachlan Young

Luke Wright, right Fast-rising young poet, at the Pleasance Courtyard until 25 August. Wright is also organising a Poetry Party today and tomorrow on the Meadows. Murray Lachlan Young An old hand at performance poetry who has two shows at the Fringe this year, one for adults, one for children, both at Gilded Balloon Teviot until 27 August.

The Insect Circus meets The Incredible Bull Circus

Sir Ronald McPeak and Bonnie Berkeley of The Insect Circus & Mikey Martins and Matt Rudkin aka the Brothers Juan from The Incredible Bull Circus

Christian Reilly and Steve Hughes

Christian Reilly, right whose show How To Rock is billed as "a Van Halen-worshipping, comfort-eating teenager's hilarious musical quest for happiness with a budget six-string", and is at the Pleasance until 27 August , left A heavy metal drummer turned comedian, whose show Heavy Metal Comedy is at Assembly @ Edinburgh Comedy Room until 26 August

David Pearl, Niall Ashdown, Tim Armstrong Taylor and Ian Bloomfield

Introducing... David Pearl and Niall Ashdown Members of Impropera, who create operas on the spot, based on suggestions from the audience, are at Assembly @ St George's West until 11 August Tim Armstrong Taylor and Ian Bloomfield Their company Opera on the Run provides singing waiters and policemen for corporate events and parties. The duo are at the Fringe with Turning Heads, a show about a stag weekend in Amsterdam, at the Pleasance Courtyard until 27 August

Norman Lovett and Hattie Hayridge

Two comedians who used to be holograms. Introducing ... Norman Lovett aka Holly the moody ship's computer from the BBC's science fiction comedy series Red Dwarf, now bringing his Slide Show to the Pleasance until 27 August. Hattie Hayridge aka Holly the moody ship's computer from TV series Red Dwarf (series three onwards), now at the Underbelly with her new stand-up show.

James Duckworth and Nathan Kiley

Two young actors who, by a bizarre coincidence, are both playing former prime minister Tony Blair in a musical.

Daniel Robinson and Andy Ofiesh

ANDY OFIESH Do you try to avoid eating before your show?

Two compare their foreign parts

THE SETTING: A bar in the Assembly Rooms.

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