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Festival Blog

Festival Blog: Experiment Over by Micha Wertheim

COMING from Holland, most comedians at the Fringe are totally unknown to me.

Festival Blog: My Date With Joan Rivers by Billy Eichner

WHEN I was five years old and just a chubby, gay (yes, I already knew), Jewish kid in the Bronx, my father snuck me into a performance marked "For Adults Only".

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Festival blog: Photography by Ed Byrne

WHAT is the deal with photographers? I've done two photo shoots today. The first was for the Leicester Comedy festival who are doing a very noble thing of trying to promote good health, and had a couple of nurses and a doctor giving health checks to comedians here in Edinburgh.

Festival blog: My Diva Chair by Rob Benson

IT WAS our biggest performance to date; we had nearly 40 in the audience, the Scotsman, The List and Three Weeks all in there too, brilliant!

Festival blog: Festival of Punch-ups by Phil Whelans

THIS is my 13th Edinburgh Festival, including five in impro shows, three in plays, five in a punk covers band, three directing Phil Nichol and once - this year - in a sketch show, Pros from Dover (which I shall, henceforward, advertise subliminally, picture of a Pro, inset).

Festival blog: Pools rush in by Liz Bailey

LAST year was our second year at the Fringe but our first time tackling the entire three weeks.

Festival blog: On performing naked for the first time by Ansuya Nathan

SO IT'S the last few acts of the show and I'm sitting backstage. In the nude. And I'm completely comfortable.

Festival blog: Show us yer...by Isabelle Gregson

SIX shows done, 18 to go! Yesterday was a good day. I had a good show, with a warm and generous audience. I spent the afternoon flyering and waiting for the bus (mostly waiting for the bus but that's another story).

Festival blog: Beware the curse of the Fringe by Andrew Eaton, Scotsman arts editor

IS THIS year's Fringe cursed? We spent much of last week pondering this question, as box office chaos continued and a thick mist descended over the entire city just as thousands of Fringe performers were trying to reach town (many got diverted to far-away Prestwick).

Festival blog: Blood on the Mile, by Ben Pollard

OH, the joys of the mobile phone.

Festival blog: Things To Do, by Steve Williams

THERE is lots to see and do in Edinburgh, but if for some reason you do find boredom groping your ambitions then here is my list of alternative games to keep you further entertained during the month of August.

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