Fathers 4 justice

Fathers 4 justice

MP addresses 'should be secret'

AN MP yesterday called for action to protect them from having their addresses made public after two Fathers 4 Justice demonstrators staged a rooftop protest at the London home of Commons Leader Harriet Harman.

Harman leaves home after protesters climb on her roof

HARRIET Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, yesterday moved out of her home after two Fathers 4 Justice protesters climbed on to her roof to demand a meeting.

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Fathers' rights group 'targets' Brown's football team

POLICE were last night investigating alleged plans by the campaign group Fathers 4 Justice to target the Prime Minister's favourite football team.

Fathers' rights duo arrested at gunpoint

TWO British Fathers 4 Justice activists were arrested at gunpoint by a Swat team at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, the campaign founder said yesterday.

Rights campaigner gets ASBO for egg attack on minister

A FATHERS' rights campaigner who smashed an egg over the head of the government minister Ruth Kelly was yesterday given a community punishment order in court.

Minister's egg attacker faces Asbo

A FATHERS' rights campaigner pleaded guilty today to smashing an egg over the head of Cabinet Minister Ruth Kelly.

Poorer dads lose out on time with new babies

MOST fathers now take two weeks' leave after their child is born, but those on low pay still face barriers to spending time with their children, according to a new report.

Let's make this the year of living dangerously for dads

FATHER'S Day this year comes enhanced with its own literary canon. The Dangerous Book For Boys is the phenomenon of the publishing world that has rocketed to best-seller status. Since it came out last month it has shot to number five in Amazon's UK top 100 list, its sales increasing 700% last week alone.

Fathers 4 Justice back in TV stunt

LAST night's live National Lottery draw was held up after Fathers 4 Justice demonstrators invaded the BBC TV studio.

Father's rights campaigner in Bridge jump threat

A PROTESTER was arrested after hanging a banner from North Bridge demanding more rights for fathers

Fathers group shows Abbey they're cross

FATHERS' rights campaigners today climbed Westminster Abbey to stage a protest.

Man charged after minister struck by egg

EDUCATION Secretary Ruth Kelly was struck with an egg as she left a court in the case of a Fathers 4 Justice protester who had targeted her previously.

Education Secretary 'shocked' by Real Fathers 4 Justice egg attack

RUTH Kelly, the Education Secretary, was hit by an egg yesterday outside the court where a Fathers 4 Justice protester was sentenced for a previous attack on her.

Fathers' group warned over 'plot to kidnap Blair's son'

FATHERS' rights campaigners today said they had been warned to stay away from Downing Street amid fears of a plot to kidnap Tony Blair's youngest son.

Fathers warned: 'Pay up or face tagging'

DIVORCED and separated fathers could be made to wear electronic tags if they fail to make maintenance payments, the government has said.

Father's rights campaigner in custody after roof-top protest

Fathers 4 Justice protester Guy Harrison was in custody last night after a protest on the roof of Westminster Hall at the Houses of Parliament, yesterday.

Stunt dads in clear

THE Fathers for Justice campaigners who climbed on to the roof of the Scottish Parliament building dressed as Santa Claus will not face prosecution.

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