Protesters' latest 'Mischief' - swimming into N-sub base

THEY are a little-known anti- nuclear protest group from Scandinavia whose name translates as "mischief". And yesterday one of their number sparked a large-scale military incident when he tried to swim into Coulport naval base, where part of the UK's nuclear arsenal is stored.

Summit to target the future of Trident weapons system on the Clyde

OPPOSITION politicians are to be invited to a summit on the future of the Trident nuclear deterrent in Scotland.

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Two arrested at Faslane protest

TWO demonstrators were arrested yesterday in the latest anti-nuclear protest at Faslane Naval Base.

Bill for policing protests against submarine base tops £5 million

THE cost of policing anti-nuclear protests at a submarine base has exceeded £5 million in less than a year, it was confirmed today.

Nine arrested in Faslane protest

NINE demonstrators were arrested yesterday during a protest by school teachers at the Faslane naval base.

Japanese atomic bomb survivors arrested during Faslane protest

SURVIVORS of the Nagasaki atomic bomb attack were among those arrested at Faslane naval base yesterday during a protest at plans to renew the Trident nuclear weapon system.

Nuclear victims in missile demo

A GROUP of Japanese atom bomb survivors were due to blockade the Trident nuclear base at Faslane today, protesting at plans to renew the weapon system.

Artists in Faslane protest against 'immoral and stupid' Trident

ACTORS and authors yesterday backed a campaign at Faslane to stop the replacement of the UK's nuclear weapons programme.

War breaks out in Faslane peace camp

THEY'VE decided to give war a chance. In a bizarre development straight out of Monty Python's Life Of Brian, a bitter conflict has erupted among the normally peace-loving activists of the colourful and ramshackle anti-Trident camp near Helensburgh.

Boot is on the other foot for Faslane protesters

VILLAGERS who live near the submarine base on the Clyde that houses Britain's nuclear deterrent yesterday launched a protest against disruption caused by demonstrators.

Police arrest 24 in Faslane protest

TWENTY-four protesters were yesterday arrested outside the Faslane nuclear base.

For 45 years the word has been 'No'

NUCLEAR weapons, those instruments of Armageddon, were introduced to Scotland by the words: "Dear Harold". After all, the Cold War threat of mutually assured destruction was no reason to dispense with a little courtesy. So, on 27 October, 1960 president Eisenhower, wrote a charming letter to Harold Macmillan, the prime minister, thanking him for the generous use of the Holy Loch as an extension of US territory and a safe berth for nuclear bombs.

16 held after protest at Trident base

A GREENPEACE vessel was stormed by police last night, after it blockaded the Faslane submarine base on the Clyde.

Does another kind of minefield await HMS Neptune of today?

ON THE night of 19 December, 1941, there occurred one of the worst British naval disasters of the Second World War. The cruiser HMS Neptune ran into a minefield off the coast of North Africa and exploded with the loss of 764 men.

The tiny wee village caught in the eye of a very big storm

THE village of Garelochhead sits at the centre of a giant red bull's-eye.

Vengeance is her name and vengeance her only purpose

SHOULD Armageddon come, its heralding scripture will not appear in any holy book. It will appear on a screen in front of two officers in the small communications room of HMS Vengeance, one of Britain's four nuclear submarines - launch orders; blood and rubble.

Capital nurse in Faslane protest

AN Edinburgh nurse is to join a group of health workers protesting against the Government's plan to replace the Trident nuclear submarines.

Doctors plan Trident protest at Faslane

DOCTORS and other health workers are set to protest outside the Faslane naval base in opposition to the government's plans to replace the Trident nuclear missile programme.

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