SNP urges aid for Farepack crash victims

THE SNP today issued a Christmas Eve appeal to the UK Government for compensation for Farepak families, who are still waiting for reparation four years after the collapse of the Christmas savings club.

Farepak victims will get 15p for every £1

FAREPAK customers are expected to receive an estimated 15p for every £1 they lost in the collapse of the Christmas savings club in 2006, it emerged yesterday.

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Farepak victims still waiting for money

THE UK government is facing calls to bring forward compensation for the victims of the Farepak collapse.

Pay-out wait goes on for victims of Farepak crash

VICTIMS of the collapsed savings club Farepak will not see any compensation before Christmas.

A year gone but still no payout for Farepak victims

FAREPAK victims yesterday hit out at the absence of compensation payouts on the first anniversary of the Christmas hamper firm's collapse.

Safe ways to save for Christmas - and avoid another Farepak

IN ANY other year, Elaine Morrison would already be saving up for Christmas presents for her family, including daughter Jolene, but this summer she won't be putting aside a penny unless she knows whether her money is safe.

OFT acts to prevent Farepak repeat

CONSUMER watchdog the Office of Fair Trading has launched a campaign to help the 31,000 Scots who were caught up in last year's Farepak fiasco to understand alternative ways to save.

Lessons of Farepak being taught

FOLLOWING the collapse of the Farepak Hamper company last year, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) this week launched a pilot scheme in Scotland to help consumers decide how best to ensure they can afford to pay for Christmas.

Plan to ring-fence savers' cash in wake of Farepak collapse

SAFEGUARDS drawn up in wake of the Farepak Christmas club collapse to protect future savers were announced yesterday.

Bank linked to Farepak failure launches Christmas save plan

HBOS is to launch a Christmas savings account aimed at low-income households, just months after coming under fire for its role in the Farepak collapse.

£39m claim by 113,000 victims of Farepak fall

MORE than 113,000 victims and agents of the Farepak Christmas savings club collapse have put in claims totalling £39 million, a report by administrators has said.

M&S helps staff hit by Farepak

MARKS & SPENCER is giving vouchers to its staff who lost money in the Farepak collapse.

Help for hamper victims

A SHOPPING centre is offering a helping hand to people affected by the collapse of festive hamper company Farepak.

Christmas pay-out to Farepak victims is ruled out

A GROUP of customers owed money by the collapsed Christmas savings club, Farepak, failed in a court bid yesterday to win their refund before 25 December.

Loans for Farepak families

VICTIMS of the Farepak collapse will be able to take out loans of up to £400, thanks to an offer by the Scottish Executive to underwrite the cost to local credit unions.

HBOS party is picketed by protesters

VICTIMS of the collapsed Farepak savings scheme last night protested outside Halifax Bank of Scotland's annual Christmas party.

HBoS chiefs tell Farepak protesters 'we did the right thing'

BANK chiefs hit out at protesters today and insisted they had done "the right thing" over the collapse of the Farepak Christmas savings scheme.

Aid for Farepak victims

FAMILIES in West Lothian who lost money from the collapse of Farepak have been offered funds by a local credit group.

Farepak victims must take at least some of the blame

THERE was good news on the Farepak front last week, if that's not too much of an oxymoron to swallow with your porridge.

19,000 to receive Farepak hampers

ABOUT 19,000 hampers will be sent to victims of the collapsed Farepak Christmas savings scheme - some 4,000 fewer than were ordered - the government announced yesterday.

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