Far Right in the UK

Far Right in the UK

Spectre of Breivik inflames far-right row

Campaigners have made a last-ditch call for council leaders to ban a march through Edinburgh by the Scottish Defence League (SDL) on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary.

March by far-right set to go ahead in capital despite ban demands

A CONTROVERSIAL far-right group is set to win permission to stage a demo in Edinburgh after police chiefs said they had no objections to the Scottish Defence League being allowed to stage a parade - despite protests from politicians, trade unions and anti-racism organisations.

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Far-right plots 9/11 flashpoint

ANTI-racism groups are demanding the banning of a planned parade by a far-right organisation through the heart of Edinburgh.

Intelligence chief says there is no proof of link between killer and English extremists

THERE is no evidence of links between mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik and the English far-right, according to Norway's domestic intelligence chief.

Analysis: Gunman and bomber cannot be allowed to kill off country's ideals

WHILE Anders Behring Breivik's actions have shocked all of Norwegian society, his attacks on Oslo and Utoya last Friday seem to have been aimed squarely at the Labour Party.

Killer's praise for English right-wing group emerges in internet postings

ANDERS Behring Breivik hailed the far-right English Defence League as "a blessing", it has emerged.

Oil giant plays down risk after rigs and HQ listed in chilling terror manifesto

BP HAS played down the threat to operations and staff in Scotland after they were named in the manifesto of alleged mass murderer Anders Breivik.

Police studying possible links between Breivik and extremists in Britain

BRITISH police are investigating possible links between alleged mass murderer Anders Breivik and extremists in the UK.

Security services turn focus on UK's far right

THE threat posed by far-right extremists has become the focus of UK and Scottish ministers, security experts and counter- terror police chiefs after the mass slaughter of 76 people in Norway.

BNP members more likely to live in Labour constituencies

MEMBERSHIP of the British National Party (BNP) is higher where whites and non-whites live separately in segregated areas, research has found.

Racist ex-soldier who threatened to behead a Muslim a day is jailed

A RACIST former soldier who threatened to bomb Glasgow Central Mosque and behead a Muslim every day has been jailed for 12 months.

Antisemitism on the increase

THE second-highest number of antisemitic incidents in Britain was recorded last year, a Jewish security charity has revealed.

Police hail peaceful end to 'free speech' march

POLICE have confirmed a demonstration by the Scottish Defence League passed off yesterday without incident.

Griffin to quit as BNP boss

NICK Griffin has signalled his intention to quit as British National Party leader after the party conceded it suffered a "bloody nose" at the hands of voters this month.

White supremacist and son jailed for ricin poison plot

A WHITE supremacist who dismissed other extreme groups as weak has been jailed for ten years after becoming the first Briton to be convicted for producing a chemical weapon.

General Election 2010: Nick Griffin defiant in defeat

BNP leader Nick Griffin put on a defiant face yesterday as campaigners claimed the far-right party had suffered its "greatest humiliation" at the ballot box.

KT Tunstall disowns mother's BNP husband

ROCK star KT Tunstall has broken all ties with her mother's husband after he decided to stand as candidate for the BNP at the General Election.

BNP calls for stop to Muslim immigration

THE British National Party (BNP) is calling for an end to immigration from Muslim nations, saying this presents a "deadly threat" to the UK.

Billy Bragg's fact lost on senior BNP member

SINGER Billy Bragg confronted a senior member of the BNP on St George's Day as the far-right party launched its election manifesto.

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