Far Right in Europe

Far Right in Europe

Anti-right wing extremist message comes out in the wash

Festival goers at a nationalist, right-wing concert in Germany were taken by surprise when souvenir T-shirts they were given had a secret anti-far right message that emerged only after being washed.

Norway will stay an open society insists defiant PM

AN INDEPENDENT commission has been launched to investigate the twin terror attacks in Norway, in which at least 76 people died.

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Intelligence chief says there is no proof of link between killer and English extremists

THERE is no evidence of links between mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik and the English far-right, according to Norway's domestic intelligence chief.

Farm explosives detonated at farm

Norwegian police safely detonated a cache of explosives discovered at a farm rented by the man accused of the country's terror atrocities, according to reports.

Abandoned case causes security alert in Oslo

Parts of Oslo's central railway station were evacuated when police were called to investigate an abandoned suitcase, the Norwegian Railway Authority said.

Analysis: Gunman and bomber cannot be allowed to kill off country's ideals

WHILE Anders Behring Breivik's actions have shocked all of Norwegian society, his attacks on Oslo and Utoya last Friday seem to have been aimed squarely at the Labour Party.

Norway: Girl's chilling text messages revealed as dead are named

A TEENAGER caught up in the Utoya massacre sent desperate text messages to her mother, pleading for help as other youngsters were being killed, it emerged yesterday.

Breivik's insane and thinks he's the saviour of Europe, says lawyer

MASSACRE gunman Anders Breivik is insane and appears to have no idea of the worldwide revulsion at his acts, according to his lawyer.

Killer's praise for English right-wing group emerges in internet postings

ANDERS Behring Breivik hailed the far-right English Defence League as "a blessing", it has emerged.

Police face flak for series of blunders

WHEN Anders Breivik launched his assault on the young campers of Utoya Island he expected Norway's special forces to swoop and stop him any minute, but instead was given time to kill scores of people.

Norway: 'Our thoughts are with the people'

External affairs secretary Fiona Hyslop was yesterday the first of about 50 people to sign a book of condolence for the families of those killed in the attacks in Norway.

Russia dismisses murderer's admiration for Putin as 'ravings of a lunatic'

ANDERS Breivik has caused potential embarrassment for Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by describing him as worthy of respect and one of the two men he would most like to meet.

Analysis: Survivors 'could suffer more than soldiers returning from war'

Young survivors of the Norwegian massacre could experience worse post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than soldiers returning from the front line of a war zone, a psychiatrist has said.

Anti-Islam party launches petition

A SWISS political party that successfully campaigned for a ban on building new minarets has started collecting signatures for a referendum to limit the number of immigrants to Switzerland.

Oil giant plays down risk after rigs and HQ listed in chilling terror manifesto

BP HAS played down the threat to operations and staff in Scotland after they were named in the manifesto of alleged mass murderer Anders Breivik.

Police studying possible links between Breivik and extremists in Britain

BRITISH police are investigating possible links between alleged mass murderer Anders Breivik and extremists in the UK.

Security services turn focus on UK's far right

THE threat posed by far-right extremists has become the focus of UK and Scottish ministers, security experts and counter- terror police chiefs after the mass slaughter of 76 people in Norway.

Princess's step-brother among island victims

THE step-brother of the crown princess of Norway was one of the first victims of the massacre on Utoya island.

Killer's father wishes son had taken own life

THE father of Anders Behring Breivik has said he wished his son had taken his own life rather than going on his killing spree.

Total death toll from two attacks cut to 76

NORWEGIAN police have surpisingly revised down the number of island killings from 86 to 68 but increased the bomb-death toll by one to eight - making an overall figure of 76 lives claimed in the attacks.

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