Fall of a First Minister

Fall of a First Minister

McConnell quits to fight Africa poverty

JACK McCONNELL today quit as Scottish Labour leader to take up his "dream job" of fighting poverty in Africa with Bill Clinton and Sir Tom Hunter.

McConnell put his money on Wendy to inspire Labour

WENDY Alexander made a return to frontline politics yesterday as Jack McConnell, the Labour leader, appointed her shadow finance minister.

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Can Jack make his budget cuts add up?

"THERE are three kinds of lies," said Benjamin Disraeli: "Lies, damned lies and statistics." Tomorrow the great Tory leader’s axiom will be recalled afresh once again. At the Scottish Executive, a veritable blizzard of numbers and statistics is about to be unleashed.

Dewar: Tony is scary, Gordon is incomplete

TONY Blair disappointed him. Gordon Brown was an "incomplete character". As for Peter Mandelson, he was simply "a danger".

Scottish Labour's fragile facade under threat from McLeish

THE irony of the situation cannot have been lost on Jack McConnell.

Officials to screen McLeish memoirs

THE memoirs of former First Minister Henry McLeish are set to be screened by senior civil servants amid concerns that the book includes confidential information.

McLeish set to reveal all in book on Holyrood fall

FORMER First Minister Henry McLeish is to finally disclose his side of events leading up to his fall from political office in a revealing new tell-all book.

Officegate report finally sent to fiscal

A PROTRACTED investigation into Henry McLeish, the former First Minister, was finally concluded last night after police submitted a report to the procurator fiscal on the so-called "Officegate" affair.

McLeish in £30,000 pay-off scandal

HENRY McLeish went back on a pledge not to accept a £30,000 pay-off from Westminster barely a month after resigning as First Minister, it emerged yesterday.

McLeish criticised for taking pay-off

HENRY McLEISH was criticised by fellow MSPs yesterday for taking a £30,000 pay-off from Westminster after informing the Scottish Parliament he would not accept it.

Fife Council leader to fight McLeish seat

THE leader of Fife Council will fight the seat vacated by Henry McLeish at the Scottish Parliament elections next year, the party announced last night.

Paying the ultimate price for one fatal mistake

HENRY McLeish’s resignation from the Scottish parliament is a personal tragedy for him but, just as importantly, it is also a sad loss for our nation’s politics. A good man who has given the best years of his life to public service has been driven out because of one mistake.

Downing Street hints at new role in public life for McLeish

TONY Blair has thrown a lifeline to former First Minister Henry McLeish following his resignation as an MSP last week.

Arts post for McLeish adviser

JOHN McTernan, chief adviser to Henry McLeish, the former First Minister, is to take up a policy post with the Scottish Arts Council, The Scotsman has learned.

£1m for McLeish by the time he retires

HENRY McLeish stands to net more than £1 million of taxpayers’ money from his single year in office as Scotland’s first minister.

Bitter battle in prospect for Henry's seat

THE internal battle over who will succeed Henry McLeish as an MSP has already begun in the Labour Party, bringing the prospect of a bitter contest for the seat.

McLeish to quit parliament at next elections

HENRY McLeish, the former first minister, announced yesterday that he is to stand down from the Scottish Parliament at the elections in May next year.

A valuable lesson in political friendship

IT WAS the quiet word and the sympathetic arm on the shoulder from the Prime Minister that did it.

Chancellor’s disservice

IN THE many words that have been written about the rise and fall of Scotland’s second First Minister, Henry McLeish, there is a strange absence of comment regarding the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Vision, compassion and a will to improve Scotland

HENRY McLeish’s decision to stand down from elected politics will be greeted with glee by his political opponents.

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