Falklands conflict

Falklands conflict

Falklands tributes

FALKLAND Islanders remembered their war dead yesterday as Baroness Thatcher led a wreath-laying ceremony in their honour.

War hero imposter admits 'stupidity'

A BUS driver who posed as a Falklands war hero at a memorial ceremony apologised yesterday, saying: "It was just stupidity."

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Veterans march to remember courage of those who fought in the Falklands

A DRAMATIC flypast over London signalled the end of a series of ceremonies marking the 25th anniversary of the Falklands war yesterday.

British heroes died for the ideals we hold dear

IT was at 9.30pm on Friday April 2, 1982, that the Ministry of Defence received the signal: "Argentina has invaded the Falklands Islands." To most of us it was a bolt from the blue. The public was shocked, if not baffled, to learn that we were about to go to war over a bunch of islands most couldn't find on a map.

Queen leads tributes to Falklands' fallen

THE Queen placed a stone on a cairn yesterday to complete a memorial honouring the 255 Britons killed in the Falkland Islands conflict.

For some the war is never over


One man's war in pictures

ON THE long journey to the Falkland Islands by sea, Lieutenant Malcolm Duck was instructed to write a letter. It would be mailed to his family, in case he did not return. As the 21-year-old sat on board the RFA Resource writing to his father, he remembers being struck by the seriousness of what they were doing.

Falklands War destroyer to dock in Leith

HMS EXETER, one of two Royal Navy warships still in commission from the Falklands, will visit Edinburgh tomorrow as part of the 25th anniversary of the conflict.

Falklands veterans to qualify for free mental health checks

FALKLANDS War veterans will receive free mental health assessments, the Ministry of Defence announced today.

Chain of Command

THE telephone jangled me out of a deep sleep.

Under the skin

On the walls of Simon Weston's Cardiff home hangs an assortment of pictures.

Falklands Bomb disposal expert relives the final moments

IT was one of the images that defined the Falklands war.

The Exocet hit, and in seconds smoke filled HMS Sheffield

IT IS an order no sailor wants to hear. But after hours battling the flames from an Argentine Exocet missile amid acrid smoke, the crew of HMS Sheffield were told: "Abandon ship."

My part in sinking of the Belgrano

A REMARKABLE first-hand account of the hours leading up to one of the most controversial episodes of the Falklands War has emerged from a Scottish police constable.

Argentina in 'Malvinas' call

ARGENTINA has renewed its claims to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands the day after the 25th anniversary of their invasion.

Blair tribute to Falklands veterans on warship

TONY Blair met a group of Falklands veterans yesterday on the 25th anniversary of the invasion of the islands by Argentina.

Falkland Islanders mark 25th anniversary of invasion

FALKLAND Islanders were marking the 25th anniversary of the invasion of their country with quiet reflection today.

Why the Falklands War stands in stark contrast to conflicts we now face

IT SOUNDS like the scenario for one of those black and white British war movies of the 1950s, starring Jack Hawkins.

Courage under fire

IAIN McROBBIE is tugging at the ring that adorns his left ear as he sits in the sunny living-room of his flat near Stirling town centre. It's a beautiful spring day, and he should be thinking about raking the moss out of his fiancée's lawn or getting ready to watch the football. Instead, he is conjuring up a terrifying vision from half a lifetime ago.

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