Faith schools debate

Faith schools debate

Salmond backs plans for Islamic faith school

SCOTLAND'S first state-funded Islamic school could get the go-ahead within months after First Minister Alex Salmond declared he was "sympathetic" towards the controversial move.

Galbraith under fire for claiming Catholic schools cause sectarianism

A FORMER minister's claims that Catholic schools are the root cause of sectarianism was branded as "ignorance and bigotry" by politicians last night as the row over denominational schools re-emerged at a time of religious celebration.

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Muslim anger over council school snub

SCOTLAND'S biggest council believes that a state-funded Islamic faith school would lead to the "social isolation" of young Scottish Muslims, a secret document has revealed.

Non-Catholic boy barred from free school bus

THE angry mother of a teenage schoolboy last night hit out at a local authority's decision to remove his free bus pass because he is not a Roman Catholic.

Catholic schools' success 'will ensure their future'

THE future of Catholic schools in Scotland is secure on the basis of their academic success, insisted Mario Conti, the Archbishop of Glasgow, who also gave his support to the creation of Muslim faith schools if properly run.

Is the writing on the wall for religious education?

IN 1918, the Scottish Roman Catholic hierarchy either made a pact with the Devil or planted one of the longest-fused timebombs in history. I'll leave it to readers to choose which. In that year, the largely impoverished sector of 226 voluntary Roman Catholic schools was transferred to the control of local authorities, then bodies much more influenced by the Presbyterian Church of Scotland than now.

Teachers to call for an end to state faith schools

TEACHERS were expected to call today for an end to state funding for faith schools.

Muslim schools abuse warning

MUSLIMS could face a child abuse scandal on a par with those experienced by the Catholic Church, a report has warned.

Archbishop denies schools 'bias'

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has rejected claims that church schools were cherry-picking bright and wealthy pupils.

Going into battle for shared campus

THE long wide corridor that bisects the school office and assembly hall, comes to an abrupt end. Turn left, indicates one sign, and you've arrived at Dalkeith High School, its entrance doors dominated by the lifesize Degas-style sculpture of a perfectly poised ballerina, the walls of the passageway beyond decorated with dozens of photographs of the pupils at work and play.

School campaign to kick sectarianism into touch

JACK McConnell will unveil plans today to root out sectarianism by getting children from Catholic and non-denominational schools to play football together, writes Hamish MacDonell.

Can a Scottish school make a leap of faith?

ST ALBERT'S primary school in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow is, in most respects, a typical Catholic school.

Islamic group urges Catholic school to move to Muslim faith

AN ISLAMIC campaign group has called for a Catholic primary school to be based on the Muslim faith.

Kelly accused of hypocrisy on faith schools

London: Education Secretary Ruth Kelly has been accused of double standards in a row over the right of faith schools to interview parents. She gave permission this week to the London Oratory, attended by Tony Blair's children, to continue the practice but reports say that on the same day she refused a similar request made by Gunnersbury RC School in Hounslow, west London.

Muslim school to escape axe - but is told to improve

SCOTLAND'S only Muslim school has escaped the axe - but has been warned that it must continue to improve.

Muslims to get more state funded schools

PLANS to create more state-funded Muslim schools in England are to go ahead despite the London terror attacks.

Will the state protect Islamic teaching?

SCOTLAND’S only Muslim school was last week given just three months to improve its performance or face closure.

An alternative Catholic vision of teaching

I WISH TO offer a handful of thoughts. You may find some challenging, but I offer them to you in a spirit of genuine affection and a deep pastoral concern for yourselves as leaders in our Church.

Muslim school three months from axe

SCOTLAND’S only Muslim school was yesterday given three months to save itself from the axe after watchdogs delivered their second damning report in a year.

O'Brien insists gay teachers will not be banned from faith schools

HOMOSEXUALS will not be banned from teaching in faith schools, says Cardinal Keith O’Brien head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland. He said sexual orientation was not, in itself, of any relevance to the Church.

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